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Resources for mentors

Mentor support guide 

Every mentor is sent a Mentor Guide via email, prior to commencement of the scheme, which contains useful mentoring resources and a step-by-step guide to help you navigate your partnership. ‌

We recognise that new mentors come with varying levels of experience. For those new to mentoring or those wishing to brush up on their knowledge and mentoring skills we have devised this New Mentor Career Mentor Scheme training.

The training is password protected so please contact the Career Mentoring Team for the password if you have not already received this. This PowerPoint has sound which is activated by clicking on the middle of each page. 

Skills Sessions

The Career Zone offers a range of personal and skill development sessions which your mentees may find useful:


Resources to help you support your mentee's objectives

We ask all mentees to select the objectives they would like to achieve by the end of the scheme.

Below are links to internal and external resources which can help you support your mentee achieve their chosen objectives.

Objective: Provide job hunting resources
Tips / resources: Suggest career planning websites, printed materials and recruitment events related to your sector.


Objective: Help with application forms and covering letters
Tips / resources: Ask your mentee to test an application form from your organisation and provide feedback, or ask your mentee to write a covering letter for an example job at your organisation and provide feedback.


Objective: Interview techniques
Tips / resources: Conduct a mock interview with your mentee using an example job at your organisation and provide feedback.


Objective: Support finding an internship or work experience
Tips / resources: Suggest opportunities within your organisation, or at similar organisations that your mentee could apply for.


Objective: Finding a graduate job in the UK (International students)

Tips / resources: Encourage your mentee to speak to the Career Zone about getting work experience whilst they are studying and to speak to the International Student Support Team about working visas.

Objective: Help developing personal skills
Tips / resources: During your time communicating with your mentee will help increase their personal skills, but there are specific activities you can help to improve these skills.

Objective: Insight into further education or professional courses
Tips / resources: Suggest resources to search for further education or professional courses in your sector.

Objective: Links to professional contacts and networking opportunities

Tips / resources: colleagues or appropriate professional contacts for your mentee to contact for further or specific advice about your sector. You could also suggest networking events, conferences, or online networking opportunities for your mentee to join.

Objective: Insight into the sector entry requirements and good/bad aspects of the sector

Tips / resources: Talk through the expected entry requirements for jobs at different levels in your sector to give your mentee an indication of the experience and qualifications required. Talk through your experiences of the good and bad aspects of your job, your organisation and the sector your work in.

Objective: CV proofreading and CV tips

Tips/Resources: Proofread your mentees CV and suggest tips which you think would strengthen their CV if they were applying for a job in your sector.