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Career De-stress

Following the success of last year's campaign, "Career De-stress” is back for 2023!

We know that thinking about careers can be daunting and for some overwhelming. The Career Zone and Wellbeing teams are working together to offer employability focused sessions on topics which students have told us they find most stressful.

A lot of us don’t know where to start when it comes to deciding on next steps or a future career. If that sounds like you look out for the following sessions which will help you focus on how to approach career decisions from a different perspective:

Other sessions in the Career De-stress week include:

Growing resilience in your job search
If you’re finding your job search hard this session will offer both support and tips on how to carry on .You will learn about the 5 core things you could be doing when faced with setbacks in your job search.

De-stressing Cover Letters
De-stressing Application Forms
Applying for jobs can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re faced with a blank page. Join us for De-stressing Cover Letters and De-stressing Application Forms to get ‘unstuck’, work out where to start and how to make the process as straightforward as it can be!

De-stressing Psychometric Testing
Have you got a Psychometric Test coming up as part of an application? Or perhaps you’re avoiding applying to roles because you know Psychometric Tests are part of the process and you don’t know what they will be like. This session will de-stress and demystify Psychometric Testing.

Time and Stress Management
We create a safe space to explore time and stress management strategies, acknowledging that we all have different approaches.

Managing People
Gain a clearer understanding of management processes and have a go at managing a team!

Disclosing a Disability

Are you concerned about how or even whether to disclose a disability to an employer or how your job search can affect your mental health? The Career Zone and Wellbeing teams are delivering a “Disclosing a Disability to an employer” workshop, where you’ll get some great advice and also tips on how to find a supportive employer, and also “Top Tips for exploring careers and jobs whilst managing your mental health”.

For more information and advice visit our dedicate Supporting Equality and Diversity webpages.

Career Zone Podcast

Perhaps you enjoy listening to a podcast? Make sure you’ve have subscribed to the Career Zone Podcast. You’ll be able to listen to the episodes we’re showcasing including: 

Last year just over 200 students attended sessions as part of Career De-stress and comments included: 

I feel I can face challenges with a lot more resilience and I understand that it is ok to have a knock back, the thing that matters is the way that I approach it.

Personal Resilience session