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Help with developing your skills

Help with developing your skills

Help with developing your skills

Help with developing your skills

Help with developing your skills

Help with developing your skills

Help with developing your skills

Highlighted activity - skills development events

At the Career Zone we run over twenty different workshops and webinars to help you develop your employability skills and prepare you for the graduate job market. 

If you need help or advice with developing your skillsthis page outlines the various ways, we can help including events, resources, and online courses.


At the Career Zone we run over twenty different workshops and webinars to help you develop your employability skills and prepare you for the graduate job market. You can attend these sessions as stand-alone sessions or as part of the Exeter Award and Exeter Leaders Award.

Skill sessions are 1.5-2 hour long interactive workshops designed to help you develop the skills required in the graduate job market.

Sessions include: 

  • Time and Stress Management
  • Personal Resilience
  • Online Networking Skills
  • Persuading, Influencing and Negotiating Skills
  • Assertiveness and Understanding Behaviour
  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Understanding Team Dynamics
  • Managing People
  • Leadership Skills
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Interview Techniques
  • LinkedIn Lab
  • Finding an Internship or Work Experience

Click here for a full list. 

Develop Your Skills

Developing Resilience

While it can be exciting to plan and start your future career, we do know this can also be quite stressful and overwhelming. The following resources in My Career Zone Digital provide some advice about dealing with things when they don’t go as planned, developing resilience, developing a healthy work life balance, dealing with challenging issues at work and career wellbeing. 

There are also online assessments:

Free Courses:

You may also be interested in

Specific resources that may be of interest include:

Current students can access a wellbeing toolkit provided by Wellbeing Services which has resources to help develop resilience skills. 

If you want to talk to someone...

  • If you are a current student or graduate and you're feeling stressed about your career talking to one of our Careers Consultants can help. Contact the Career Zone to arrange an appointment.
  • Current students can also contact Wellbeing Services who offer a range of services to support your mental and physical health. 
  • Nightline is a confidential and anonymous listening service, run by trained student volunteers for Exeter students.

If you would like to develop your Digital and Coding Skills, as well as general digital competency, take a look at the following resources:

What makes a good video? When aiming to create a good video, you will be looking to produce something that has a clear message, engages the viewer and is of good quality. The top tips on this resource aim to help you consider these important elements when planning, capturing and editing a video

What are Leadership Skills? These skills include: Project Management, Decision Making, Strategic Thinking, Change Management, Vision.

To develop these skills, take a look at the following resources:

What are Reflective Skills? Reflective skills include: Resilience, self-awareness, personal and professional development, Time and Stress Management, Learning from Failure

To develop these skills, take a look at the following resources:

What are Global Citizenship competencies include: Intercultural Awareness, Sustainability Awareness, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Awareness

To develop these skills, take a look at the following resources:

  • Explore Goinglobal – are you thinking of studying or working abroad? Do you want to find out what it is like to work in a particular country? It’s all here!
  • Explore the different elements of Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity for job hunters
  • Attend employer talks and find out more about their Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity policies
  • Join an Intercultural Communication workshop. Find out more about studying at an international university and the skills to help you thrive in an international workplace
  • Check out the Global Leader Programmes on the Go Abroad webpage. Past programmes have included: Online Global Leaders - Thriving Online with Petrus Communications, United Nations - Online Global Leaders, EAIE Conference Gothenburg, Pagoda Summer Skills Session, WACE Global Challenge, and Common Purpose Global Leadership Forum

What are Business Skills include: Project Management, Commercial Awareness, Professionalism, Commitment, Financial and Economic know-how, Analytical

To develop these skills, take a look at the following resources:

  • Set up a LinkedIn account and follow organisations or groups you’re interested in.
  • Find out what associations or professional bodies operate in your sector of choice. Many offer free student memberships and you can find out more about the sector and opportunities.Explore different career sectors and how to find work in particular areas.
  • Join a Career Zone workshop on Joining the Workplace, Project Management or Strategic Thinking.
  • Go to a Careers Fair (and make sure you check out our Prepare for the Fair resource too) and find out about the range of opportunities on offer.
  • Attend an employer event and ask what key business skills their organisation is looking for in graduates or students applying for internships and placements.
  • Use Ask An Alum to find out more about an organisation you are looking to apply to.
  • Attend a Linkedin Lab to find out how you can use Linkedin to enhance your commercial awareness and business skills.
  • Complete the Green Consultants Programme or one of the Professional Pathways.
  • Take a position of responsibility in a society to develop your project management skills.
  • Participate in Grand Challenges, working in a new team to deliver a project under time constraints.
  • Undertake work experience to apply your knowledge in a professional environment. Take time to reflect on your experience – what did you learn? What might you do differently?

What are Interpersonal Skills include: Team player, Tact and Diplomacy, Relationship Management, Negotiation Skills,Collaboration, Customer Focus, Assertiveness.

To develop these skills, take a look at the following resources:

What are Communication Skills include: Written Communication, Verbal Communication, Active Listening, Presentation Skills

To develop these skills, take a look at the following resources:

What are Human Only Skills include: Growth Mind-set, Flexible/Adaptable, Problem Solving, Creative, Innovative, Empathy, Emotional Intelligence, Initiative

To develop these skills, take a look at the following resources:

Schemes and programmes

Unique to Exeter, Create Your Future is a personal and professional development programme for 1st year students that will give you the opportunity to think about what you want from your future after University, and the practical steps to get there. During CYF you will start completing a skills audit which will help you identify which skills you have already developed, and how you can evidence this, and those that need a little more work. You can keep coming back to this as you develop your skills. 

The Exeter Award is an employability achievement award for current undergraduate and taught postgraduate students. It will help you stand out from the crowd and give you the confidence to shout about the experiences you've had at university. 

The Exeter Leaders Award is for students who are keen to develop their leadership skills. It will help you reflect on your leadership style and techniques, and set clear, achievable goals for self-development. 

Green Consultants is an award winning programme designed to provide students with additional skills and experience required to work in the highly competitive environmental and sustainability sector. 

Below is an overview of the internship schemes managed by the University of Exeter. We promote equal opportunities in all internship recruitment: 

The Professional Pathways programme is a suite of sector specific training courses and paid week-long internships that take place in June. 

Grand Challenges: A project week in which you will work in interdisciplinary groups with other like-minded students to design innovative solutions to real-world sustainability problems.

Aspirational Educators pulls together a range of opportunities on campus for those interested in a career in teaching or education. 


Our online database Handshake contains placement vacancies from employers in a wide range of sectors who are specifically targeting Exeter students. 

You can also browse and ask questions in the Handshake community Q&A forum. You can edit the term in the search box to make it more specific. 

Forage - Virtual Experience Programmes: 

  • Gain insights into a range of different companies and gain workplace skills with the Virtual Experience programmes at Forage

  • Prospects’ guide to virtual work experience. 

My Career Zone Digital has lots of resources, including videos, articles, and courses to help you with skills development. 

Our podcast covers a range of careers topics such as:

Other placement related podcasts being released this term. 

Develop your skills with free online course on FutureLearn.

Speak with the experts

The Career Mentor Scheme is a popular employability scheme which matches a student or graduate with an experienced professional, for sector insight and one-to-one careers advice and guidance, over a 6 month period. 

The Ask An Alum (Careers Q&A) is a fuss-free way to connect with University of Exeter alumni to ask careers questions. By filling in our quick and easy application form, you can be introduced to alumni working in your field of interest…whatever that may be at the time of applying. 

Webinar Recordings

How to identify your skills - Learn to identify your skills with Sarah Blunt, Employability and Careers Consultant 

Presentation Skills - Join Rae Roberts, Employability and Careers Consultant for this webinar on presentation skills 

Professionalism and joining the workforce - Join Rachel Sloan for this webinar on professionalism. 


If you would like to speak with an adviser to discuss how you can develop your skills, you can book an appointment via the Live Chat icon at the bottom of this page, or you can phone us on +44(0)1392 724493. For any other enquiries please email