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Help with work placements

Help with work placements

Help with work placements

Help with work placements

Work placements explained

If you are looking for information about work placements, please visit our web pages.

Information for work placements

If you are a current student and interested in undertaking a work placement or on a placement module/programme and need information or advice, please visit our Information for work placements SharePoint on this link. We have a range of information across 5 key areas; general information, work abroad (if you are thinking of undertaking a placement outside the UK), International support (specifically for international students), widening participation support (specifically for widening participation students) and wellbeing support (range of resources and support for wellbeing). Please note that module-specific information will be found on the ELE page of the module.


Please find links to other useful tools for work placements below:

Handshake contains placement vacancies from employers in a wide range of sectors who are specifically targeting Exeter students. 

You can also browse and ask questions in the Handshake community Q&A forum. You can edit the term in the search box to make it more specific. 

Please find below a list of websites that advertise internships (could be used as placements) and placement jobs. Whilst we have given guidance on search terms to use for some of the websites, please be aware that some employers don’t use the term ‘Internship’ or ‘Placement’ in a job title when advertising a role as they will not be aware of internships and placements. With that in mind, also search for roles that fit the criteria of your placement module e.g. job title, sector etc. that are on a ‘fixed term’ basis and you may see one’s that could potentially be used for placements:


Equal Opportunity Work Experience Schemes

Virtual Internships

Helping you optimise your CV for humans and machines with CV360

CV360 scores your CV against more than 50 checks that commonly trip up an ATS, annoy a hiring manager or get your CV deprioritised. You get instant, detailed feedback so you can optimise your CV and significantly boost your chances of getting to interview.

If you have never created a CV before, why not use our CV Builder.

My Career Zone Digital also has a ‘Work experience – Supporting your journey to success’ online programme modules include ‘How to find a placement’. 

My Career Zone Digital is also a good place to search for placement opportunities. There is a placements option in the search filters.

Our podcast covers a range of careers topics such as:

Other placement related podcasts will be released each term.

LinkedIn: This is a great platform to start building contacts from. It is a professional network which gives you access to thousands of contacts. Make sure you spend some time building a strong LinkedIn profile, just as you would with your CV.

If you need any further help or advice with LinkedIn sign up to one of our LinkedIn skills sessions on Handshake.

Webinar Recordings

CV Top Tips Video - Find out how to make your CV stand out with these top tips. 

The Craft of Writing your CV - Join Rachel Coombes, Employability and Careers Consultant, for this 20 minute webinar which will look at the three main areas to help get your CV up to scratch. 

What is the purpose of a CV? - Get in the know with Sarah Blunt, Employability and Careers Consultant, which this 2 minute video. 

Effective Application Forms - Join Rachel Gaunt, Employability and Placements Adviser, for a guide to writing effective application forms. 

The Key Features of an application form - If you have never completed an application form before, tune in for this quick guide to online application forms. 

How do employers shortlist applications? - Hear from Sarah Blunt, Employability and Careers Consultant, about how employers shortlist applications. 

Application form advice in 60 seconds - Hear from Rachel Gaunt, Employability and Placements Adviser, for her quick tips for writing application forms. 

Professionalism and joining the workforce - Join Rachel Sloan for this webinar on professionalism. 

Making the most out of your LinkedIn profile5 top tips to help you boost your LinkedIn Profile

Finding internships and work experience - Join Rae Roberts, Employability and Careers Consultant, for this webinar on finding internships and work experience. 


You can book an appointment with your placements team to get your CV, cover letter, application form, or LinkedIn profile checked to help with applying for placements. You can self book an appoinment in Handshake, select the 'Work Placements' category, select the type and then select the date and time.