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Making Career Choices that Work for You

Making career choices that work for you

Making career choices that work for you

Monday 23 October - Friday 27 October 2023

Not sure where to start in deciding what to do after University or maybe you have a few ideas and need help choosing? The Career Zone is here to help and support. A great place to start is getting involved in the “Making Career Choices that work for you” week of activities. Why not kick off your week by signing up to the “Exploring and Making Career decisions” session? The Profiling for Success series of online questionnaires can also help with career planning/development by helping you reflect, increase your self-awareness, evaluate your career interests and understand how you relate to others in different situations (e.g. team work, leadership/management).

Deciding what to do can be overwhelming and many of us experience doubts, lack of confidence and imposter feelings. During the week you’ll have the chance to explore how to move those career thoughts, ideas and decisions forward, with help focussing in particular on what you enjoy and what’s important to you. 

Emma de Saram – (Exeter Guild  - President) tells us more about what has influenced her career decisions and plans for the future as she chats to Kate Foster from the Career Zone. You can listen on Spotify and iTunes

There are some great employability sessions happening as part of the week including a focus on career planning and decision making in “Discover your strengths and why they are essential to career planning” and using Lego® Serious Play® in our “Playful Careers: Value led career decision making” session.

I want a career helping people- what are my options” will enable you to explore a whole range of career areas if you know that you want to work with people but not sure how to make that happen. The Career Zone and Wellbeing are also working together to share their expertise on ”Disclosing a disability and finding supportive employers

Check out professional development sessions happening including Time and Stress Management, Managing People and CV’s.

For information on all the sessions above and more visit Handshake.

Perhaps you enjoy listening to a podcast? Make sure you’ve have subscribed to the Career Zone Podcast series. You can listen on Spotify and iTunes. 

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