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What do UK employers want?

(click here to view the video transcript)

This video covers:

  • What UK employers think about degree subject
  • Why UK employers focus on soft skills
  • The reasons that UK employers reject applicants
  • The importance of excellent English skills

You can read the research from Prospects Luminate on Improving Graduate Job applications mentioned in the video.

You may also find this article from Target Jobs on The Top 10 Skills That Will Get You a Job When You Graduate helpful. 

Help with impressing employers

Information about developing your skills, gaining experience and writing tailored applications can be found on our Help with pages.

Our blog on How to Impress UK Employers contains lots of great advice.

Workshops for international students

Book onto workshops on Handshake such as;

  • 'How to Impress UK employers as an international student - Excelling at UK job applications' 
  • 'Maximising your time as an international student in the UK: Work experience, internships and other ways to shine in front of employers' 

Help with English

UK employers expect you to have good English skills. There is lots of help available at Exeter from English Language Skills Development. They offer courses and workshops as well as one-to-one support. They have a Guided Independent Learning site

They will help you develop your spoken and written English skills and improve your pronounciation. You can practice with native English speakers at The Conversation Cafe.

There is even a series of employment related workshops, such as "English Skills for Application Writing" and "English Skills for Job Interviews" which are bookable via Handshake