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How much can I earn working in the UK?

This is a common question that international students ask us. You have invested a great deal of time, energy and money in coming to the UK. It is only natural that you are interested in the return on your investment.

This is a tricky question for us to answer. UK graduate salaries range from approx. £18,000 to more than £50,000. This is a huge range! Salary depends on a number of things such as:

  • the industry (an investment banker would earn more than a zookeeper)
  • where the job is in the UK (someone in London is likely to earn more than someone in Truro, Cornwall)
  • the size of the company (large companies may provide higher salaries. This is not always the case however, as some small boutique companies can provide high salaries)

You might find Target Jobs' article "Which Graduate Career Offers the Best Pay" interesting. 

Is it best to choose a job by salary?

It can be tempting to choose a job because of the salary. However it’s important to remember that the highest paid roles are usually fiercely competitive. Lower paid roles may make regular pay rises, which can increase the salary quickly.

Find out how much you might earn

Why not do some research by looking at vacancies for the job roles that you are considering? You can find a list of job sites here. You can also search job profiles on Prospects to discover typical UK salaries by job type.

Think about the cost of living in the UK

The cost of things like rent and travel vary in different regions of the UK. There are a number of comparison sites that you can find online which compare regions. This analysis by Prospects reveals which UK cities offer the best and worst value for money for graduates