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Students' experiences of placements

Below we have video's of placement students who talk about their experiences of being on placement and how they have benefitted from them. Some of our former placement students have also written about their experiences and what they have learnt from their placements, these can be found on our Placements blog, please click here to read them.

Benefits of a placement abroad

Penny undertook her placement abroad in Spain. She talks about what her placement was like, what she learnt from doing it and how that has/will help in her 4th year.  

Penelope Kaur-Kingdon, BA Modern Languages, Placement at ELITE Formación Integral (Spain) 

Running time: 2 mins 4 secs 

Would you recommend a year in industry to other students?

Andrew talks about his experience on placement and if he would recommend other students undertaking a yearlong placement. 

Andrew Matthews, BSc Computer Science with Industrial Placement, Placement at Microsoft. 

Running time: 1 min 21 secs 

Would you recommend a summer placement to other students?

Summer placements can be a great experience. In this video, Jack and Cameron talk about their summer placements and how valuable they found them. 

Jack Lindley, MEng Mechanical Engineering with Industrial Experience, Placement at MB Aerospace 

Cameron Barry, MEng Mechanical Engineering with Industrial Experience, Placement at BMT Defence & Security UK Ltd

What 3 words describe your placement experience?

In this video, 6 students on the With Industrial Experience yearlong programme, sum up their placement experience in 3 words. 

With Industrial Experience (WIE) programme 

Short-term placement modules, are they worth it?

Esme choose to undertake a short-term placement module called Humanities in the Workplace. She talks about why she chose a short-term placement (80 hour placement), the process she went through when applying and what she learnt from it. 

Esme Pearce, BA English, Placement at Astley Media 

Running time: 3 mins 12 secs 

Placement experience of an international student

Marcos chose to undertake a placement as he wanted the work experience to support his future career choices when he returned to Spain.  

Marcos San Martin Espinos, BA History and IR with Employment Experience, Placement at Embassy of Panama 

Running time: 3 mins 19 secs