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The Exeter Scholars Travel Bursary

Travel Bursary

Every Exeter Scholars participant will be entitled to a travel bursary to cover the costs of travelling to all compulsory events and activities. 

  • Travel cost will be paid for participating students only, and not for anyone attending events as participants' guests.
  • Receipts are required for reimbursement for any travel by public transport; unfortunately, we will not be able to reimburse travel claims without this evidence.
  • Travel claims will be paid for the student only based upon a maximum of one outward and one inward trip per event.
  • Overnight accommodation or refreshment costs will not be paid for unless advised otherwise.
  • Fuel claims will be paid at a standard mileage rate. For all mileage claims, the first 100 miles of any round trip will be paid at the rate of 45p per mile and the remaining miles will be at 25p per mile. 
  • Please make it clear on your form what event you are claiming travel expenses for, as we will not be able to reimburse the cost if your attendance cannot be verified.
  • One claim form is required per event.
  • Where possible, please ensure that your claim form and any evidence are in PDF format. 

In order to claim your travel costs back, you will need to complete the travel expenses claim form and return it to us at, along with scanned copies or photos of any relevant travel tickets / receipts, all in PDF format where possible. 

Please note that email is our preferred method of receiving travel claims, so we ask that you use this method if possible. If you have any difficulty with this, please do contact us

IMPORTANT: If you are unable to download and complete the form or if you require a hard copy form for any reason, please contact us to request this. 

Exeter Scholars Travel Expenses Claim Form






Please allow approximately 4–6 weeks for each claim to be processed. 

Claimants do not need to complete the part of the form below the claimant signature section as this is for office use only.

The bursary can be used to reimburse travel expenses only and cannot be paid as a cash alternative or put towards any other expenses incurred as a part of attending the events confirmed as eligible, such as refreshment costs. 

As a policy, we do not cover accommodation costs for Exeter Scholars Year 12 South West participants for attending subject activity sessions as part of the programme. We encourage students to ensure that they are able to travel to their chosen campus when making their subject choices on their application form. However, we can make a discretionary exception to this rule if a single subject activity session has an earlier start time than is typical for that subject activity strand, which would then mean that the consequent journey time would see the participant needing to depart home earlier than 7am. In this situation, we would make a decision about accommodation reimbursement on a case-by-case basis, for which participants should contact us. If this were approved for the participant, we would reimburse accommodation costs only up to a value of £75; food and subsistence costs would not be covered. Travel costs can be reimbursed, as standard, in addition to this. Please note that while we can reimburse accommodation costs in this specific situation, we take no responsibility for participant safety when staying overnight in accommodation not provided by the University.

If you have any questions regarding the travel bursary then please contact us