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Peer Support Resources

The Peer Support team can provide resources to help Mentors and Programme Organisers fulfil their roles. 


Resources for Mentors

As a Mentor, you will need to plan sessions for your Mentees. What you cover in sessions will vary depending on the scheme you are on (Academic or Pastoral) and your Mentees. 

Mentor Sharepoint

Are you currently a Mentor? You can find all of our resources on the Mentor Sharepoint (available September 2023). This includes:

  • access to our Mentor Padlet of activities and ideas from our team and other Mentors
  • handbooks and guidance on being a Mentor
  • any scheme-specific resources
Mentor Training Resources

Peer Mentor training slides 2023-24

You will be able to rewatch and view links referred to during our Peer Mentor training on our Peer Mentor Sharepoint (available by September 2023). 

For the Quiz and next steps, visit the Peer Mentor Workflow


Free online resources

You may want to create your own resources on sites like: 


From 2022-23, anyone with an email address can create an account on Exeter's Padlet automatically. Find out how and access your account on Study Zone Digital



Further reading

If you are applying for AFHEA or simply interested in learning more about pedagogy, you may find the following interesting: