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Award details

COLFUTURO Ayudar Joint Graduate Scholarship-Loan Programme - 2022 call

About the award

COLFUTURO is a Colombian non-profit foundation established in 1991 with the support of the National Government and some of the most important private sector companies in the country. COLFUTURO awards take the form of a scholarship-loan of up to US$50,000 across a maximum of two years. Students may be awarded COLFUTURO scholarships for 80% of the loaned amount, provided they accomplish certain requirements. Students in receipt of COLFUTURO funding will have their University of Exeter tuition fee reduced by 20% for the duration of the COLFUTURO award.

The University has partnered with COLFUTURO to consider their Masters level scholars for an additional award - the Ayudar Scholarship - which provides a living stipend in line with UK Research Council recommendations: c. £15,609 in 2021/22. The Ayudar Scholarship is intended to support the development of Colombian students who will use the expertise gained from completion of a University of Exeter Masters degree to make a positive social, cultural, business or environmental impact in Colombia.  All Colombian nationals holding an offer to study a University of Exeter Masters degree by the scholarship deadline are eligible to be considered for the Ayudar Scholarship but those with confirmed Colfuturo funding will be given preference.

How to apply

For more details and how to apply, visit the COLFUTURO website

The call for the 2022 scholarship programme opens on 11 January and closes on 28 February, with results on 12 May.  

There is no separate application for the University's Ayudar Scholarship; all eligible Colombian offer holders will be considered.

To make your application for your chosen University of Exeter Postgraduate programme, please visit our study pages:  or


Application deadline:28th February 2022
Value:Tuition fees and living stipend for a maximum of two years
Duration of award:Variable
Contact: COLFUTURO Office, Bogota or email