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University of Exeter funding: Global Excellence Scholarship (UEBS

Undergraduate Global Excellence Scholarship - University of Exeter Business School

About the award

Undergraduate Global Excellence scholarships awarded by the University of Exeter Business School are worth £7,500 payable as a reduction on 2020 first year International tuition fees. Scholarships are available for the following eligible programmes (including variants with Year Abroad / Industrial Experience):

In Accounting - BSc Accounting & Finance, BSc Accounting & Business;

In Business - BSc Business & Management, BSc Marketing and Management, BSc Business Analytics and BSc Business (taught on our Penryn campus in Cornwall);

In Economics - BSc Economics, BSc Business Economics, BSc Economics with Econometrics, BSc Economics And Finance, BSc Economics and Politics

Scholarships will be awarded to all eligible applicants who achieve GCE A level grades A*,A,A or International Baccalaureate 38 points or the equivalent in another recognised curriculum.

How to apply

Awards will be automatically allocated to outstanding applicants for full time study, applying for the first time for 2020 entry (defered offer holders or applicants applying for deferred or second year entry are not eligible). A separate application is not required. Academic merit, as determined by predicted or achieved high school grades, identified on the applicants' UCAS form, is the sole determinant in identifying potential scholars. If you are offered an Undergraduate Global Excellence Scholarship you will receive an e-mail notification after receiving your University offer via UCAS. If successful, to accept the award you must make the University of Exeter's offer your 'Firm' first choice no later than the date stated on UCAS track. Awardees will be required to satisfy any conditions stipulated in their scholarship offer letter no later than 31 August 2020.


Application deadline:30th June 2020
Value:£7,500 payable as a reduction in first year international tuition fees. Awards are not recurrent.
Duration of award:for 1 year
Contact: Admissions Office