"Through education and research we are aware of the ecological limits of the planet and promote the careful use of resources."
University of Exeter’s Strategic Plan 2015

Policy and strategy

The University has an Environmental Sustainability Policy which was agreed by the Vice-Chancellors Executive Group which was last reviewed and updated in March 2013.  The policy outlines the University’s environmental objectives and provides a clear commitment to comply with relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements. Progress against the policy is reviewed annually by the Dual Assurance team. 

A detailed ‌Sustainability Action Plan (13/14) is in place which is owned and regularly updated by the Sustainability Manager. The plan is regularly reviewed at both Dual Assurance and at the Sustainability Advisory Group.  

The Sustainability Action Plan (12/13)Sustainability Action Plan (11/12), Sustainability Action Plan (10/11)Sustainability Action Plan (09/10) and Sustainability Action Plan (08/09) can also be downloaded. 

In addition to the Environmental Policy and Sustainability Action Plan, there are a number of supporting policies, strategies and plans as detailed below: 


Energy and water


Waste and Recycling

Education for Sustainability

Sustainable Procurement

Information regarding the policies and plans for the Student’s Guild can be found on their website.