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Sustainable travel

TRAVEL SURVEYS - We need your help. 

We need your help in enabling us to develop the Sustainable Transport Strategy projects (walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing) with the aim of achieving net zero by 2030.  There are two surveys, one for staff, and the other for students. They should only take 10 minutes of your time.  Each response is really important for us to establish what your experience is like. These surveys are for Exeter campuses only. Cornwall is carrying out its own survey - more info here

The survey has been extended and will close on Saturday 2nd June. 

We aim to make travelling around and between campuses better for everyone and to ease pressure on the environment and reduce carbon emissions.

We have around 30,000 students and nearly 6,000 staff who study, live or work at the University, and many more people visit our campuses for events. The potential implications for congestion and air pollution from traffic are significant.

As well as developing public transport links and the free shuttle bus service between Exeter St David’s, Streatham campus and St Luke’s, we are looking at ways to encourage people to reduce single-occupancy car journeys and adopt more sustainable transport options.  

We are currently reviewing our Sustainable Transport Plan to ensure that changes in travel and behaviour post-Covid are accurately reflected and any impacts on our initiatives are addressed. We are working on the initiatives outlined in the Draft Sustainable Travel Plan for the Exeter Campuses 2021-2030 and aim to publish our updated Sustainable Transport Plan in 2024.  

Business travel

The University of Exeter Travel Policy addresses issues such as approvals, insurance, procurement and approved suppliers, risk management, sustainability and environmental issues. Staff intending to travel must refer to this policy ahead of making any travel arrangements.  

Visit our Finance pages to view more information on travel.