Car parking charges are ring-fenced, once operational costs have been met, and reinvested in sustainable travel initiatives

Travelling by car

Although driving a car is the least sustainable option when travelling, there are still a variety of options to choose to help limit the impact on the environment. Please see below. Note: if you are coming in by car and need an accessible parking space here is a list of spaces available. 

Car sharing:  Find your car share match today by visiting the Car Share Scheme website and take advantage of the University’s car sharing incentives.

Eco-driving: Eco-driving is a term used to describe the energy efficient use of vehicles. It is a great way to reduce your fuel consumption to save you money, and reduce the carbon footprint of your vehicle. The AA's website offers great advice and we are also working with local company, Lightfoot (see below for more information).

Lightfoot: Lightfoot, a Devon-based company, has developed a technology that shows you how to drive your car at maximum efficiency. If you want to put your eco-driving into 5th gear, you can learn more about Lightfoot here.

Business journeys by taxi:  If you need to travel on a short journey for business, which is too far to walk or cycle and does not have a convenient bus service, use a taxi instead of taking your own car.  For general taxi journeys under a 15 mile radius from the Streatham Campus, please visit our page on taxi hire for pricing information. The Streatham Campus has a dedicated taxi pick up and drop off point, situated outside the Peter Chalk Centre.

Business journeys by hire car:  If you have travelled to work by a sustainable mode and require a car to make a business journey, see the hire car contract info under Procurement.  University employees are also eligible to obtain exclusive discounts with Enterprise Rent a Car.

Car Leasing Scheme: The University's car leasing scheme offers good rates on low emission vehicles.  See the staff benefits website.

Carbon emissions based car parking charges: The University’s car parking charges are based on the carbon emissions of your vehicle to incentivise the purchase of low emission vehicles. See the car parking pages for full details.

Authority to park charge: If you drive to campus less than 3 days per week but would like a car parking permit as a back up to your main form of transport, the Authority to Park permit is for you as it entitles holders to purchase a reduced daily rate pay and display parking ticket.

Car parking for students

Finding parking spaces around our Exeter campuses is a particular challenge, and we strongly advise you not to bring a car. There is no parking on campus for new staff or students who reside within the city boundary and hardly any off-campus parking is available in the vicinity.

Large sections of the city operate a residents’ parking zone scheme. Most properties are eligible to receive a maximum of two permits per property whilst student halls, new developments and re-developed properties are often excluded from the on-street residents parking schemes around them.

If you do need to bring a car to the city, please consider the following to ensure you are doing so in a legally compliant and considerate manner.

  • Ensure the vehicle is registered correctly at the term time address to ensure vehicle insurance is valid whilst in Exeter;
  • Resident’s permits may only be used by the named person for whom it is issued, who can provide on request evidence of ownership or tenancy of that address, along with evidence of car ownership of the registration number stated on the permit;
  • Permits cannot be transferred or amended to a different name, address or zone so please return all resident’s and visitor permits when you vacate the property - the sale or purchase of permits from other addresses is forbidden;
  • It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is parked safely and wholly within the confines of a marked parking place. The vehicle should not be parked on a footpath or verge, or in a hazardous manner; and please ensure you are not obstructing entrances to driveways and other access points for other residents.

Any breaches of the resident’s parking permits terms and conditions can result in the permanent withdrawal of permits. For more information visit the Devon County Council website.

The Streatham and St Luke’s campuses are located within easy walking distance of the city centre and on regular bus routes and the University provides a range of services to support students travelling by alternative modes such as bus or bike.