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Research Speed Updating: Big data

A Research Services research event
Date29 January 2014
Time14:00 to 14:45
PlaceNewman Lecture Theatres

Video conferenced to Baring Court 212, St Luke's and Peter Lanyon Seminar 7, Penryn

What is Speed Updating?

An informal opportunity to learn about research from University of Exeter academics, aiming to promote interdisciplinarity. Speed Updating provides:

  • Interesting four-minute research talks with tea, coffee and cake.
  • Opportunities to find out more about research across the University
  • An opportunity to meet others interested in University research. It's primarily aimed at researchers or research-focused staff, but anyone is welcome to attend.

In 2013/14 we'll be theming sessions around broad areas of interest within the University. This session's theme is...

Big Data

The volume, variety and velocity of data is exploding. So called ‘Big Data’ is transforming scientific enquiry and has not only be identified by the Government as one of the 8 great technologies as part of their industrial strategy but is receiving considerable investment. This session will bring together academics from across all colleges to present work that engages with the Big Data theme.

Presentations will focus on the intellectual challenges and opportunities encountered by researchers in different disciplines on Big Data and discuss potential solutions that could be translated to other applications. The main session will be followed by an extended discussion to enable scholars to ask more detailed questions and to identify potential collaborative partners for taking forward Big Data projects.

Join us to find out more about the University's research in this area, and to learn about the latest funding opportunities.


We're pleased to feature the following:

Who needs Business Intelligence?
Professor Roger Maull

Big Data at UEMS
Professor Lora Fleming

Ocean modelling and Big Data
Professor Andy Watson

Machine learning for Big Data
Dr Yiming Ying

Mining (moderately) big DNA sequence datasets
Dr David Studholme

Big Social Data in the UG Curriculum: It's Not about the Data*  (*with thanks to Gary King)
Professor Susan Banducci

To view a recording of the event, please go to the echo360 webpage.

ProviderResearch Services
OrganizerStephanie Skates

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