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Penryn Campus, Cornwall, TR10 9FE

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Exeter Sequencing Service: Porecamp

PoreCamp is a hands-on training course based around Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencing technology

A Research Services research event
Date15 - 19 August 2016
Time14:00 to 14:00
PlacePenryn Campus, Cornwall, TR10 9FE

Who should attend?

Any researchers wanting training in library preparation, running the MinION Oxford Nanopore instrument, and data analysis are welcome to attend. 

What is the event about?

The Exeter Sequencing Service is running a 1-week Oxford Nanopore training course taking place at the Penryn Campus. We will be hosting a number of world experts on the technology. The Oxford Nanopore is a USB-size DNA sequencer which is capable of producing up to 1Gbase of sequence data with read lengths limited primarily by the input material.

One of its key advantages is to produce data in near-real time - the system has been used to monitor the Ebola outbreak in 2015 and has been taken into the rainforest to sequence microbial habitats in-situ.

The aim is to provide hands-on training by researchers, for researchers in library preparation, running the instrument and the analysis of data as well as the opportunity to meet the current world leaders.


A copy of the current time table can be found here.

For details on admission criteria, prices and for further details about the course, follow the link here.


Please send a 1-page covering letter and CV to AND complete the form here.

Any queries should be directed to



ProviderResearch Services

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