Creative Communications seminar and workshop: “There are no boring subjects, only disinterested minds.”

An Institute of Health Research seminar
Date27 February 2018
Time11:00 to 13:00
PlaceExeter South Cloisters 3.06 with VC to Plymouth JBB MR8 and Truro KSpa F10

Guest Speakers: Michelle Ryan and Gile Yeo


This seminar aims to explores how to create engaging oral presentations. Jointly delivered by Michelle Ryan from the University of Exeter and Giles Yeo from the University of Cambridge, this seminar will showcase different approaches to engaging your audience and making oral presentations less dull. The seminar will be followed by a workshop led by Giles Yeo entitled ‘Why, How, What?’ in which participants will have the opportunity to put into practice the tips they’ve learnt in the seminar.  Can you come up with a ‘Why, How, What?’ for your project for a non-expert audience?  Can you do that in 10 seconds or less? Come along and find out more!

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