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South Cloisters 2.13

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IHR Seminar: Staging evidence: the implications of clinical mindlines for knowledge mobilisation

An Institute of Health Research seminar
Date26 March 2018
Time14:00 to 15:00
PlaceSouth Cloisters 2.13

videoconferenced to MR8, John Bull Building, Plymouth and F083, The Knowledge Spa, Truro

Guest Speaker: Kate Beckett, University of the West of England


Kate’s background is in Nursing, Midwifery, Anthropology and Psychology. She currently holds a NIHR Knowledge Mobilisation (KM) Research Fellowship. Her KM research at the interface between academia and practice focusses on traumatic injuries and their psychological impact.
Kate’s NIHR KM fellowship project entitled ‘Enhancing Post-injury Psychological Care (EPPIC)’- uses a form of participatory theatre called Forum Theatre as a medium for knowledge mobilisation. Her work involves NHS patients and practitioners in creative activities/co-production and aims to integrate research evidence with patient and practitioner experience to bring about service improvement. Based on Gabbay and Le May’s work on mindlines, Kate’s work challenges the way in which knowledge is used to inform effective practice and she will explore this with the audience.

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