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Streatham Court 0.28, University of Exeter

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Varieties of Posthumanism: Policy as Practice and Performance

A Research Services research event
Date6 March 2013
Time9:45 to 16:45
PlaceStreatham Court 0.28, University of Exeter

An interdisciplinary "Bridging the Gaps" workshop gathering representatives from science, policy, social sciences and humanities to offer various perspectives on posthumanism. The theme is highly pertinent to current debates on governance of science and technology in light of emergent technological capabilities. Speakers presented different takes on posthumanism: as object of social science and humanities inquiry; scientific practices leading to the creation of computing technologies imitating human capacities; and policy as practice and performance. The articulation of policy is a performative speech act that directs and in many cases alters behaviour. The workshop created a cross-disciplinary dialogue on post-humanism that also addressed the performative role of policy.


Presentations from the workshop can be downloaded from the 'attachments' section at the bottom of the page.


09:45   Arrival and Coffee

09:55   Welcome by Facilitator - Regenia Gagnier (Bridging the Gaps)

10:00   Session 1: Approaches to Posthumanism - Chair Giovanna Colombetti (Philosophy)

 Andrew Pickering (Sociology) - The World, the Flesh and the Devil: Varieties of Posthumanism from J D Bernal to STS

 David Wright (Engineering) - Technologies for Brain-Inspired Computing

 Michael Hauskeller (Philosophy) - Utopia in Trans – and Posthumanism

12:00   Lunch

13:00   Session 2: Perspectives on Policy - Chair Regenia Gagnier           

Christopher Coenen (KIT-ITAS, Karlsruhe) - Transhumanism as a Challenge and Opportunity for Policy Advice on New Technologies

Elena Simakova & Marfuga Iskandarova (Business School) - Performing Waves: Posthumanism and the Construction of Heterogeneous Futures?

14:30   Refreshments

14:45   Session 3: Policy as Practice and Performance - Chair John Dupré (Egenis)

Steve Hinchliffe (Geography) - More than one world – Posthumanism and biocommunicability

Michael Schillmeier (Sociology) - Posthumanism and the cosmopolitics of nano

15:45   Summing Up and Discussion: Sir Roland Jackson (BBSRC, BSA)

16.45   Close

18:00   Dinner for speakers and chairs

ProviderResearch Services
Speaker(s)Regenia Gagnier, Andrew Pickering, David Wright, Christopher Coenen, Elena Simakova, Marfuga Iskandarova, Michael Hauskeller, Nick Bostrom, Sir Roland Jackson
OrganizerLois Spence
Andy_Pickering.pdfThe World, the Flesh and the Devil - Andy Pickering (106K)
Michael_Hauskeller.pdfUtopia in Trans- and Posthumanism - Michael Hauskeller (126K)
Steve_Hinchliffe_Posthumanism.pptMore than One World - Steve Hinchliffe (1373K)
M_Schillmeier_Cosmopolitics_of_Nano.pptCosmopolitics of Nano - Michael Schillmeier (467K)
David_Wright_6_3_13_FINALv3.pdfBrain-Inspired Computing - David Wright (2698K)

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