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Whatever it Takes to Understand by Dr Matthew Hayler

Why Studying English in a Digital Age Might Mean Not Being Scared of Science

Why is reading from a printed page different from reading on a screen? Why are the same words suddenly not the same? English Studies already has a number of ways-in to discussing the issues around this change in the way we're reading, from looking at how media and culture have always intertwined, to considering how meaning is affected by context.

A Research Services lecture
Date11 February 2013
Time19:00 to 21:00
PlaceAlumni Auditorium

Video link to Peter Lanyon Seminar room 10, Cornwall.

ProviderResearch Services
OrganizerExeter Students’ Guild

But what other disciplines might English Studies benefit from engaging with in its attempts to study the new technologies of cultural production and reproduction? And to what extent can Humanities scholars deal with the hard sciences anyway? What kind of discipline emerges from their meeting?

Lecture recording

A recording of the Dr Matt Hayler's 'Whatever it Takes to Understand' lecture is available to view.

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Alumni Auditorium