‌Professional Services Recognition Awards 2017


This year's panellists were thrilled to read a fantastic breadth of nominations from more than 420 colleagues. 

Please click the links below to view the shortlisted candidates in each category. Winners will be announced at the gala dinner on Thursday 22 June.   


Ambition has driven us to where we are today, and will help us to sustain our position within the Global 100. 

Read why Charlotte, Rebecca and Helen were nominated.

NomineeService (College)

Charlotte Tupman

College of Humanities

Rebecca Takeda Frost


Education & Student Experience (College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences) 
Helen Bell Research Services



Christian Carter (Panel Chair)

Professor David Boughey (Academic)

Beatrice Wilkinson (Guild representative)

Gemma Gregory (PS)

Emilia Slawkowska (PS)


We work at our best in active collaboration among students, colleagues and external partners.

Read why Andy, Gemma. Rebecca and Jonathan were nominated.

NomineeService (College)
Andy Robinson Education & Student Experience (College of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Gemma Bartlett


Communication and Marketing Services (College of Social Sciences and International Studies)

Team Nomination 

Rebecca Adams and Jonathan Critchley 

Innovation, Impact and Business 



Barbara Powell (Panel Chair)

Professor Pete Vukusic (Academic)

Susie Dunning (PS)

Harry Reeve (Guild representative)


We relish challenge and reach for the previously unachievable.

Read why Amy, Daniela and the Penryn Campus Shop team were nominated.

NomineeService (College)

Amy Campbell


Professional Services Cornwall (College of Life and Environmental Sciences) 
Penryn Campus Shop Tea FXPlus
Daniela Farina Professional Services Cornwall (College of Life and Environmental Sciences) 



Cathy Durston (Panel Chair)

Lise Storm (Academic)

Tim Pithers (PS)

Jade Hayes (PS)

Theo Stone (Guild representative)


An award for support and inspire each other to be the best that we can be.

Read why Anne-Marie, Ben and Ruth were nominated.

NomineeService (College)

Anne-Marie Baker


HR Services 
Ben Goulding  Education & Student Experience (College of Life and Environmental Sciences)
Ruth Grimmer Professional Services Cornwall



Laura Hames (Panel Chair)

Professor Dave Hosken (Academic)

Dean Pomeroy (FXU President)

Becky Nesbitt (Chaplain)


An award to recognise a colleague or team who has made the exceptional happen requires disruptive thinking, fresh ways of working and solutions with impact.

Read why the IIB team, Student Employability team and Ruth were nominated.

NomineeService (College)

Team Nomination 

Dawn Scott, Helen Butler and Alex Huke

Research Services and Innovation, Impact and Business 

Team Nomination

Green Consultants

Dawn Lees, Steve Wallers, Jen Hardwick, Ian Osborne, Josie Turner, Jo McCreedie and Karen Gallagher


Education & Student Experience
Ruth Grimmer 

Professional Services Cornwall




Matt Davey (Panel Chair)

Li Li (Academic)

Laura Hayward (PS)

Li Fujia (Guild representative)


An award to recognise a colleague or team who strives to reach the highest standards of scholarship and service.

Read why the Student Records Team, Humanities Graduate School and Paula were nominated.

NomineeService (College)

Team Nomination

Tim Batchelor, Kevin Gillard, Jack Ilsley, Daniel Frost, Gillian Beer, Karen Easterbrook and Alison Macaulay

Education and Student Experience and HR Services

Team Nomination 

Cathryn Baker, Matt Barber, Emma Sheriff and Morwenna Hussey

Doctoral College (College of Humanities) 

Paula Frost 


Research Services 



Katy Griffiths (Panel Chair)

Professor Mark Levine (Academic)

Shane Jackson (PS)

Rebecca Hanley (Guild representative)

The Roddy Ross Award for Innovation

An award for an individual or team who have shown great creativity and innovation to develop a new way of working.

Read why Charlotte, Inclusivity and Wellbeing team and Jonathan and Rebecca were nominated.

NomineeService (College)

Charlotte Bailey 


Professional Services Cornwall

Team Nomination 

Anne-Marie Baker, Dorcas Cowan, Kitty Adhamy-Nichol, Helen Booker, Sophie Sinclair-Brown and Natalie Hewitt 

HR Services and Equality and Diversity 

Team Nomination 

Rebecca Adams and Jonathan Critchley

Innovation, Impact and Business 



Hannah Rundle (Panel Chair)

Gwen Morris (PS)

Professor Andrew Massey (Academic)

Tristan Gatward (Guild representative)

The David Allen Hero/ine of the Year

An award for an individual who has made the best contribution to the University either by making a difference behind the scenes, or inspiring colleagues to do the best they can. 

The University community held a public vote to choose the winner from five shortlisted candidates. 

Read why Anne-Marie, Alice, Jon, Sarah and Samuel have all been nominated.

NomineeService (College)
Anne-Marie Baker HR Services
Alice Mills  Education & Student Experience (College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences)

Jon Barnes


Exeter IT (College of Life and Environmental Sciences)
Sarah Ashton Professional Services Cornwall
Samuel Garcia Campus Services



Sophie Hawkes (Panel Chair)

Professor Dave Hosken (Academic)

Caroline Haughian (PS)

Jo Engelbach-Sayer (PS)

Jessica Dunne (Guild representative)

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