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Refocusing our Resources - For Staff/ Researchers

For staff

If you have spare capacity to help other areas of the University that are struggling, please discuss any availability you may have with your line manager and then complete the online TR4 form.

Types of skills could include:
  • IT super users for Teams
  • Project management skills
  • Communications skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Financial management
  • HR skills
  • Here2Help
  • Rapid Response Hub


We will use the information you have provided in the online TR4 form about your skills, your current job role and your availability to match to the priority activities we need to support.

The Temporary Resourcing team, they can be contacted by email:

Yes. Please discuss your availability with your line manager check they don’t have additional work you are not aware of before completing the form.

We do not expect staff to work more than their normal contracted hours but during this challenging period we are asking staff to be more flexible. This could mean that the times you work are different to your normal working arrangements.

No you will be paid at your normal rate for your normal contracted hours. Any additional hours over and above your contracted hours will be paid at the rate for the role you will be carrying out. Total hours for all roles should not exceed 36.5 hours per week.

We expect to be able to match available work against the skills and grade of staff who are available. Exceptionally, if you are asked to work at a higher grade, you will be paid the difference.

You will be expected to return to the duties of your original role.

The process is as follows or if you prefer Refocusing process map:

  • Current Line manager to discuss refocusing with member of staff where it is not possible to carry out contracted role due to factors associated with the pandemic
  • Is there a possibility to refocus within current service internally?
  • If not Manager informs TRU of staff/ workers to be refocused outside of own service/College area.
  • Member of staff/ manager completes TR4 identifying potential skills/ availability and forwards to TRU.
  • If part of “Strengthening Services” work, Recruiting Manager confirms additional resources required with Rick Walker and Rick will add to the ‘additional resource support Spreadsheet’.
  • If outside of “Strengthening Services” work/other Recruiting Managers will submit new requests by completing the TR5 online form and TRU will update the additional resource support Spreadsheet.
  • TRU match applicants to potential roles from additional resource support spreadsheet/ TR5 requests – this is most likely to be Here 2 Help, or Rapid Response Hub with the short timescale.
  • Line manager and Staff member/ worker maybe contacted to clarify availability and skills.
  • Potential staff/ workers information sent to Recruiting Manager by TRU.
  • Recruiting Manager contacts potential staff/ workers to discuss role and suitability.
  • Recruiting Manager confirms work agreed with successful staff/workers and copies in TRU.
  • TRU maintain central record of Refocusing carried out and inform previous line manager of the re-assignment.
  • Recruiting Manager informs TRU of any changes to agreed work to be covered.


Notes for Researchers looking to Refocus

Check with your current line manager that you are in a position to offer time to other areas 

  • Please complete the TR6 – Opportunity to support other Research Projects 
  • All vacancies will be available to view via the Refocusing our Resources web pages 
  • If you see a vacancy you would like to apply for please complete the TR6 form above 
  • Once you have completed a TR6 form any relevant vacancies will also be emailed to you  
  • Your details will be passed to Recruiting PIs for suitable vacancies who will contact you if you have been shortlisted, or they would like further information 
  • The recruiting PI will let you know if you have been successful with a role and inform the Temporary Resourcing Team 
  • The TR team will email the details of the role to you 
  • Please inform the Temporary Resourcing Team when the work package has been completed