The Sustainability Team organise a wide range of events on and off campus for both students, staff and the general public. The information below outlines our upcoming events. If you would like to get involved please do not hesitate to contact the event organiser. 


When and Where?

Mon 20 - 24 Nov: The Forum (Auditorium curved wall), Streatham Campus

Launch Mon 20 - The Forum with free vege and vegan pizza and drinks (only nine places left!)

Mon 27 Nov - 1 Dec: Penryn Campus between the SU offices and the Stannary

Launch Mon 27 Nov with free vege and vegan pizza and drinks - please bring your own keepcup

All launches are from 5pm - 6.30pm. We need to estimate how much food to provide, so to give us an idea please reserve your FREE place by clicking on the relevant link above.

What is it? 

Welcome to our Climate Wall, which is best described as a cross between an interactive art installation and a public record of how you feel about climate change. The aim is to encourage reflection on climate change issues, sharing responses and practical recommendations for individual and collective action. Messaging provided by climate scientists, academics and students have been posted onto the Wall - you can respond to these by posting your own messages in person or by scanning a QR code with your mobile phone.  Our aim is to create a record of how you feel in the run up to COP 28, the international climate summit in Dubai. We are after honest, emotional responses and answers to our questions. It is a light projection so only works after dark. Operating hours are 4pm - 9pm Mon- Fri. 

On Wednesday 22 (4pm - 9pm) we have additional activity happening in the Forum. You can chat to representatives from Green Consultants, the Sustainability Team, GSI, the Exeter branch of the Women and Climate Network, and Dr. Natalia Lawrence (who is promoting plant based diets) who will all have stalls. Come along and find out more about what they do.

On Thursday 23 between 3.30pm and 5pm there will be a drop in writing workshop led by writer, editor, publisher and lecturer Dr Sally Flint and Dr Eliana Maestri, Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies, both who both have been involved in the COP literary projects – a film of which you can see up on the Wall in interludes throughout the evening.  They will be encouraging you to write and reflect on the climate emergency and looking at the different words used for the emergency in various languages, the influence of dialect and how some words just can’t be translated into other languages.

How do I take part?

You can interact with the wall in person or via your phone. Create your own message, answer a question or tell us how you are feeling. Please feel free to play with it.

Led by University of Exeter, in collaboration with Falmouth University, FX Plus and the SU.


14 November 2023

Winners of our Student Nature Writing Competition Announced!  Congratulations to them all. 


Second: Ella Marston - Queenfisher

Third: Juliette Kemp - A Magical Place

Morgan gets to write a paid blog for Arts and Culture in addtion to receiving book tokens.  Ella and Juliette also receive book tokens. 

Judge Miriam Darlington, who has a PhD from Exeter in Eco-critical nature writing, and wrote bestselling books Owl Sense and Otter Country said:


It’s the subversive quality of this poem the makes it stand out. With its provoking title and its list of strange, haunting, introspective instructions, it unfolds as the inverse of the Bible story, and seems to mirror the steps of Genesis but with a far darker energy than the story of creation. It is skilfully written, with a coherent voice and vision, and makes superb imaginative leaps, taking us into some vivid and striking detail and imagery: I loved the 'ocean beetles, bloody ladybirds and midnight ants' amongst the post-apocalyptic, rewilded landscape of the living forest. A deserved first place that thoroughly embodies an idea and expands the mind, making us work a little, but not too much. It has imaginatively oblique echoes and suggestions of decaying civilisation and its environmental crisis. Stylish and well-constructed, definitely a prize winner, and well-deserved congratulations.

Second Place: Queenfisher

It’s the bold title, shivery, seasonal feel, and the fresh and specific detail, as well as some naive qualities in the expression of this praise poem to a Kingfisher that I enjoyed. Poetry should be vivid and surprising, and lines such as ’sequined head’ and 'ghostly eye’ caught my attention - there is much more to love here - the way the poet captures the movement, beauty and otherworldliness of encountering this bird as it seems to be alive in the mind of the writer in its flight and energy: we see its streaking movement as it ‘pierces the dull blur of grey woodland’ and beautifully contrasts with the mallards - wriggling their rubber noses..’ Gorgeous.

Third Place: A Magical Place

This prose piece has a hypnotic, meditative quality that lulls the reader into the experience of entering the writer’s world and sinking down - or dropping down - with them, as John Clare did with his close, poetic observations of his beloved home. The writing takes us downward and inward, to closely connect to and join in with a palpable journey, both inner and outer, and although vividly and imaginatively written, serves as a gentle reminder to connect to our own cherished and important natural places, our soothing and vital escapes far and near. Beautiful.


Thursday 5 October


Time: 6.15pm to 7.30pm(sunset at 6.45pm)

Join us for a wildlife walk and bat walk at Lower Hoopern Valley. We will be meeting half an hour before sunset, walking the length of the valley to look for a range of wildlife before then surveying for bat activity.  Devon Wildlife Trust will be present to lend bat detectors and offer expertise.

Please see the map for meeting location. We will be meeting at the University of Exeter sign at the Stocker road entrance to Streatham campus (blue circle) and then entering the valley over the stiles (blue arrow).  Access to the valley is via stiles and steps and the walk is on natural paths so the event may not be suitable for some people.  

Email if you have any questions.

Reserve your place at Hoopern Valley - Bat and Wildlife Walk Tickets, Thu 5 Oct 2023 at 18:15 | Eventbrite



Two New Competitions for Welcome Week  - Open To All Students

Writing the Unseen

Love nature and writing? Enter the Sustainability Team’s nature writing competition ‘Writing the Unseen'.  Explore your emotional connection to a place, write about a secret location, an insect or plant that is often overlooked or the impact of climate change on the natural world. 

Judge: Miriam Darlington has a PhD from Exeter in Eco-critical nature writing, writes a Saturday Nature Notebook column for The Times and is author of the Sunday Times bestselling books Owl Sense and Otter Country.  

To enter write a maximum of 500 words on the above theme and email to by 20 October with Writing Comp in the subject line.  

Prizes: 1st £50 2nd £30 and 3rd £15 book tokens and an opportunity to write a paid blog for Arts and Culture about writing the winning entry. 

Report your entry to Green Rewards and gain Green Points.









Miriam Darlington

Photo Competition 

Our campuses are beautiful in autumn, the trees a riot of colours. To celebrate this and the launch of the Sustainability Team’s new Instagram site we have teamed up with Green Rewards and are running a photo competition. 

To enter:

  • Follow us on Instagram @uoesustainability
  • Submit your photo via Direct Message by 10th October
  • Submit your photo to Green Rewards to gain Green Reward Points!

Prizes: 1st £50 2nd £30 and 3rd £15 book tokens.


21 September

Come and meet the Sustainability Team at St Lukes in the Marquee.  Find out what the University is doing to meet its sustainability objectives and how you can get involved. Play the ‘How Bad Are Bananas’ Climate Change game, a fun way to find out how much you know. We look forward to seeing you there.

22 September

Come and meet the Sustainability Team on Streatham Campus in the Forum. Find out what the University is doing to meet its sustainability objectives and how you can get involved. We look forward to seeing you there.

21 and 22 September

Dr Bike

Dr Bike will be at St Lukes and Streatham offering free safety checks on your bike. Sign up to the Unicycle mailing list Subscribe now, to book your free 15-minute safety check up.

Wed 16 August 


Streatham Campus

We will be doing a variety of wildlife surveys on Wednesday 16 August on Streatham campus.  If interested in getting involved please email Chris on   The main focus will be on two areas where the grass has been left to grow longer through the summer. The areas are Washington Singer lawn (a) and Birks Bank Arboretum (b).  These surveys will evidence the benefits to biodiversity on campus and help inform decision making of further areas to be managed differently next year.

There will be many different activities to get involved with and so please feel free to drop in for whatever time suits you.  A final schedule will be sent out closer to the day but the schedule below shows the rough plan, timings and locations. 


  • 8:00 – checking trail camera footage – Birks Bank (b)
  • 8:00 – moth trapping – Birks Bank (b)
  • 9:30 – insect pitfall traps – Birks Bank (b)
  • break
  • 11:00 – insect pitfall traps – Washington Singer (a)
  • 12:00 – sweep netting and butterfly netting – Washington Singer (a)
  • 13:00 – plant surveys and bee walk - Washington Singer (a)


Map 2














Wed 7 June (Penryn) 

12pm - 2.30pm

We have a new volunteering activity in store for students and staff! Next Wednesday (7 June), 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm (Meet in Walled Garden), we will be picking litter and controlling brambles by the stream on the Eastern border of campus! This activity will aid in maintaining a healthy running water and marshy grassland ecosystem.

Volunteers can come along for a duration that is feasible for them; while there is a lot of physical work, they are free to participate in whatever capacity they choose. Gloves will be provided for work near brambles. Sturdy boots and weatherproof clothing are recommended as there will be some muddy bits in the area where we will be working!

Here is the Eventbrite link for the sessions:

Coming up in May and June














Sean Borodale c Mark Vessey

Ecological Sound Trail

Sean Borodale, is one of the best poets writing today when it comes to poems about nature and the environment. He was selected as a Granta New Poet in 2012, and his debut collection Bee Journal was shortlisted for the T S Eliot Prize and the Costa Book Award in 2013. 

We’re delighted he is coming to Exeter to work with students on a new Sound Trail over May and June. The essesions are open to any student interested in poetry whatever your ability so if interested do get in touch.  He will accompany you around Reed Hall and help you write a poetic response to the natural surroundings.  The resulting poems will be recorded and published on a new webpage, which will be accessed via a QR code on interpretation signs situated at each nature spot.  Launch: October 2023.

The sessions will be on:

Wednesday 24 May

2pm - 4pm (Meet outside the front of Reed Hall just before 2pm)

Please wear suitable clothing/footwear for a short walk and bring your own drink and anything you may wish to write on. We can provide recording equipment, but equally you may wish to use your phone. 

Tues 30 May 

2pm - 4pm 

The location depends on the weather and if there is online interest, but if inside it will be in the Xfi Building, Seminar Room A. 

Wed 7 June

2pm- 4pm

The location again depends on the weather and if there is online interest, but if inside it will be in Syndicate Room B, Building One.

The first session is a walk around campus and is in person only - the second and third workshop we can accommodate you if you wish to take part online   Please email if you are interested in signing up. We are limiting the in person workshops to 12 people, so if you book up and then can't make it we would be grateful if you would let us know. 

Wed 17 May 2023

The Sustainability Team will be in the Forum from 12.30 - 2.30 as part of our regular drop ins - so do come and have a chat.

Thurs 4 May 2023

Hedgehogs in the UK are at risk of extinction due to habitat loss, development, roads and litter, with populations declining by up to 50% since 2000. The Hedgehog Friendly Campus initiative is run by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS). It aims to improve conditions on university campuses across the UK, creating habitats where Hedgehogs can thrive.

Students from Exeter have been getting involved, working to achieve HFC bronze accreditation for Streatham Campus. So far, the team has set up a working group with key members of staff, met with the grounds team to improve Hedgehog safety, and organised a stall during Go Green Week to raise awareness and fundraise for the BHPS.  Next steps include building a new hedgehog house on campus, litter picks, a social media campaign, and celebrating Hedgehog Awareness Week (30th April - 6th March).

For more information visit the BHPS website:, or come along to the forum on Thursday 4 May between 11am - 3pm to meet the team and get involved.

Wed 22 March 2023

The Sustainability Team will be in the Forum from 12.30 - 2.30 as part of our regular drop ins - so do come and have a chat

Wed 22 March 2023 (PENRYN)

12pm - 2.30pm (Meet at the Walled Garden)

To commemorate the International Day of Forests that occurs next week, will be removing invasive plants such as Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) to let our native woodland species thrive! Volunteers can come along for a duration that is feasible for them; while there is a lot of physical work involved, they are free to participate in whatever capacity they choose. Gloves will be provided for work with equipment or thorny brambles. Sturdy boots and weatherproof clothing are recommended!

Wed 22 February (PENRYN)

FX Plus Grounds and Gardens team will be conducting a Tree Planting Activity during next week’s Conservation Volunteering Session. The session will be on Wednesday, 22nd February, 12:00 to 14:30 (Meet at the Walled Garden). We will be planting Crab Apple in the residences area of campus where we are losing Ash trees due to ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus), with the aim of controlling the spread of the disease in our woodland and parkland trees. Volunteers can come along for a duration that is feasible for them; while there is a lot of physical work involved, they are free to participate in whatever capacity they choose. Sturdy boots and weatherproof clothing are recommended!

Here is the Eventbrite link for the sessions:

Wed 22 February 2023

Meet the Sustainability Team

The Sustainability Team will be in the Forum from 12.30pm - 2.30pm as part of our regular drop ins - so do come and have a chat.  This Wednesday it will be Nigel Morris our Strategic Waste & Resources Manager - who will be happy to answer any questions on waste or recycling. 

Friday 27 January 2023

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

Join us on Friday 27 January for the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, on Streatham, Falmouth and Penryn Campus.

Bird species and numbers will be recorded and sent to the RSPB for inclusion in their annual survey. Please wear weatherproof clothing and feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks. Binoculars would also be handy, but you can take part without. If you are a keen birdwatcher/ornithologist and would be happy to lead on identifying birds to help complete the record sheet (supplied) at one of the locations, please let us know.

Streatham Campus

Meet at 9.30 a.m. outside Camper Café, Queens for an hour of birdwatching from 10 a.m. – 11.a.m. Depending on the size of the gathering we will be conducting bird counts at two or three different locations on Streatham Campus. If the weather forecast is awful and we are forced to cancel we will let you know by 8 p.m. on Thursday evening.

Please email Chris: to sign up for Streatham Campus or if you want further information.

Penryn Campus

Meet at 9.30 a.m. for a 10 a.m. start at Heart Reception. Similar to the Streatham Campus, bird counts will be simultaneously be conducted at three different locations. Participants will be free to choose a location that they wish to survey.

For more details about what is happening at Penryn, please email Abhishek:

Falmouth Campus

Meet at 9.30 a.m. for a 10 a.m. start at Rosehill Reception

For more details about what is happening at Falmouth please email Jake:

11 Jan 2023

Meet the Sustainability Team

We are holding a regular series of drop-in sessions in the Forum between 12.30 and 2.30  once a fortnight on a Wednesday in term time. The first one of the year is on 11 January and Giovanni our Sustainable Travel and Transport Manager will be there to answer any questions you might have about everything from buses to cycling to walking. You will find us on a stall in the Forum opposite the library. Do come and say hello.  

18 Jan 2023

Meet the Sustainabilty Team

Fraser Browning our Technical Evaluator will be in the Forum from 12.30 - 2.30 pm on Wednesday 18 January to answer any questions you may have about: 

  • Green Futures Student Solutions
  • Scope 3 (Indirect Decarbonisation)
  • Linking behavioural change to sustainability
  • The University’s approach to achieving Net Zero

Do drop by for a chat. 

11 Jan 2023

Meet the Sustainability Team

We are holding a regular series of drop-in sessions in the Forum between 12.30 and 2.30  once a fortnight on a Wednesday in term time. The first one of the year is on 11 January and Giovanni our Sustainable Travel and Transport Manager will be there to answer any questions you might have about everything from buses to cycling to walking. You will find us on a stall in the Forum opposite the library. Do come and say hello.  

14 December

Volunteering Opportunity at Penryn

The FXPlus Grounds and Gardens team have been organising regular Conservation Volunteering Sessions with the aim of improving the grasslands on Penryn Campus for wildlife. Volunteers have been raking and removing grass, sowing wildflower seeds, and planting wildflower saplings in grasslands bordering the Tremough Lime Avenue and veteran Oak trees. Next session: Wednesday 14 December (12:00 to 14:30). Meet: Walled Garden, Penryn campus. Boots and weatherproof clothing recommended!  Contact: 

1 December

Climate  Action Day

Join the Guild in Devonshire House and the M&D room on Thurs 1 December to meet like-minded climate activists, create sustainably made items, and learn what can be done to avert a climate crisis. For staff and students

Meme Making Workshop: 11:30-12:30
Sustainable Card Making Workshop: 12:00-15:00
Stewart Barr Talk: 14:00-1500
Student Led talk: 15:00-16:00
Screening of The True Cost: 16:00-17:00

Click here for your free ticket

21 November 

We now have the winners of our E&CE team Haiku competition. Forward Prize winning poet Will Harris said about the entries:

Haiku are doubly severed from their context. Not only have they travelled from one language into another, they’ve been taken out of the long, linked, communal poems they once formed a part of (admittedly, a long time ago). In the English language, they’ve made a new, distinct history. Haiku provide a way to subvert the expectations of English metred verse, to cut into it, drawing on the energy of the page’s blank space. All the shortlisted poems here do this. And the winning poems have a found a successful means to move away from linearity, from the speaking ‘I’ of narrative fiction, to evoke the desiccated jumbled time of ecological catastrophe. Each sound is dense as rock; nature is intimate, palpable as a burger and fries or a milkshake; syntax expresses thought and feeling commingled, layers ‘only my eyes saw’. A good haiku isn’t easy to digest. It stays in your system.

Congratulations to - 

First Place: Sylvie Cox  - 2nd year studying for a BA in Communications and Modern Languages. 

Silent campus sits

A badger crosses the way

Only my eyes saw


Second Place: Michelle Fabienne Bieger- a PhD Student, in the department of Physics & Astronomy. 


roll over, unstick

sheets. A stubborn drop falls, brow

to bed. Missed alarm


Third Place: Jack David William Edwards - a third year studying single-honours English.


A rock rides the wind,

Uncertain how it will land.

Eyes blue, turns skyward,


Shortlisted poets below:

Nell Hartney - a third year PhD student in the maths department, working in numerical weather prediction.

 What will happen to

All our words, when the weather

They describe is gone?


Beth Maidment

thick and wrong, just like 

milkshake through a paper straw-

this air suffocates.


Roberto Baccarini -  a second year PhD student in European Politics.

A happy meal 

The Forest’s bane 

With burger and fries 


Nat Marshall - a first year undergraduate studying BSc Geography.

Wrist scrapes and moss stains

Urban life seems doable

From atop a tree


Mercury Medhurst -a 1st Year, English Literature, Creative Writing, and Latin Literature. 

YouTube Expert

Ice-caps aren't melting

Communist propaganda

Like and Subscribe please 


Emily Sara Rizzo - a first year English and Film & TV Studies.  

Framing Disaster

Dye the pastures black;

An oil painting of doom,

Man-made masterpiece


Robin Wright  - studying for a Masters in Research in Biology.

I have never known,

Fire in water, floods in Rome,

I will never know.


 16 and 17 November

Interested in giving cycling to work a try? On 16 and 17 November, there are a number of ‘Cycle to Work’ initiatives to encourage staff to come to work by bike. Cycling can improve your health, save money, and save time. Easy cycling routes to campuses and information about bike facilities can be found here: Cycling to Work

*Let us know you have cycled to work on November 16 or 17 by e-mailing your route to and you will be entered into a prize draw for discounts on bikes and biking equipment.

  • Dr Bike are on Streatham campus on November 17th, so anyone can make an appointment for a free bike check-up.
  • On November 16th, free Co-Bike taster sessions will be available from the Forum.
  • Cycling discounts and support can be found at Bike - Sustainability  

To book Dr Bike or Co-Bike tasters, join Unicycle to receive booking details.


Wednesday 9 November

Join our Grounds Team as they collect seeds from veteran trees on Streatham Campus, which will grow our next generation of trees, ensuring our campus continues to be beautiful and supports biodiversity in the face of climate change. Please bring waterproofs (if it rains) and suitable shoes. Gardening gloves will be provided as you will be picking through seeds and leaves. You will learn about our wide variety of tree species, the current threats facing our tree population, and the importance of seed collection in protecting the future of healthy and biodiverse woodlands.

Meet outside Reed Hall at 10 a.m. 

Email: for more details.


Tuesday 11 October 

Help Us Survey Freshwater Invertebrates in East Park Stream


Photo C‌redit: Erik Karits

Join our Sustainability team and experienced entomologist Dr Clive Betts on Tuesday 11 October to help us survey freshwater invertebrates in the East Park stream. This picturesque part of campus is an important biodiversity corridor, connecting nature north of campus to our Lower Hoopern Valley. However, the stream needs revitalising after becoming overgrown with vegetation and very silty. Remedial works are happening this year but we also want to evidence the positive impact on habitat quality and biodiversity that this will bring. The best way to do this is survey the freshwater invertebrates, like the red darter dragonfly that are biodindictors, meaning that as they are so sensitive to pollutants, their presence/absence reveals the habitat quality.

  • We are meeting at 10am by the path opposite the Innovation Centre
  • We will be kneedeep in vegetation and the stream so please bring, wellies and tough outdoor clothing, (no shorts due to stinging nettles)
  • Snacks as it will take 3 hours minimum if you want to be involved until the end (its up to you)
  • Notepad and pencil
  • Hand lens if you have one

You do not need to be able to identify insects and invertebrates, we will provide ID guides and Clive will be available to help. All surveying kit will be provided. Please email Chris at to register your interest.

23 September

Streatham - Freshers

Come and see us in the Career Zone in the Forum.  Find out about sustainability and what the University is doing to reach our target of Net Zero by 2030!

22 September

St Lukes - Freshers

Come and see us at St Lukes and learn all about sustainability at the University. We are here until 4pm.


















22 September - 27 October 2022 (Closing date)

E&CE Student Haiku Competition 2022

Feeling creative?  Like poetry? Why not have a go at entering our E&CE Student Haiku Competition (2022) on the theme of the Environment, in celebration of National Poetry Day (6 October)?  Haikus originated centuries ago in Japan and traditionally are composed of three lines: five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third, although contemporary poets don’t necessarily stick to the exact number of syllables, but focus on depicting an image as succinctly as possible.  We shall leave it up to you how you compose yours! Here is a famous example.

The Old Pond by Matsuo Bashō

An old silent pond

A frog jumps into the pond—

Splash! Silence again

Judge: we are delighted Forward prize winning poet Will Harris has agreed to be our judge. Will’s debut poetry book RENDANG (2020) was a Poetry Book Society Choice, was shortlisted for the T.S. Eliot Prize and won the Forward Prize for Best First Collection. His second book of poems, Brother Poem, will be published by Granta in 2023. 


Judge: Will Harris

Prizes: we are offering book tokens as prizes - First Prize: £75 Second Prize: £50 and Third Prize: £30

The winner will also be offered a paid opportunity to write an article on the Arts and Culture website reflecting on their creative process.

All short-listed haikus will be published on the Arts and Culture and Sustainability websites.

Deadline: 27 October 2022 (extended from 21 October)

Submission: please email your haikus to: Vic Patch at  with Haiku Comp in the subject line. Please include your full name, what year you are in and what you are studying.We look forward to reading your haikus!







Thursday 22 September 2022

World Car Free Day

‌How are you going to get to University on Car Free Day 22 September?  On this day all around the world towns and cities allow people to experience streets free of motor traffic. It's a great chance to re-imagine our streets around people instead of vehicles. If you want to get involved consider taking public transport or walking to campus. 

Friday 8 July 2022 

9.00 am - 1.30pm 

Innovation Centre (streamed live accross all campuses)

This Friday (8 July) The Environment and Climate Emergency Team will have a stall at the Innovation Centre as part of a CLES (The College of Life and Environmental Sciences) sustainability day.  Find out about Green Rewards or how to become a Green Champion. Victoria Patch our new Comms and Engagament Lead will be on hand to chat and find our more about your interest in sustainability, and fill you in on the various activies and projects you can get involved in. Frazer Browning, our Technical Evaluator, will be giving a presentation around CLES emmissions and Jo Tudor will talk about sustainabilty and procurement.  

Drop in and say hello. We would love to see you there.  

Syndicate Room B /Building:One

There are no current events to display, but please come back soon for updates.