Lower Hoopern Valley is a steeply sided, 38-acre plot of land to the south of Streatham Campus. The space is currently maintained by the University of Exeter’s grounds team, and has been identified as an area of opportunity for enhanced biodiversity, community use and research activity. The valley currently has one public right of way that cuts across the northern section of the space from the North West to South East with limited access to the wider space comprising areas of woodland (mature and young), pasture, open grassland and Taddiford Brooke.



 We are now considering exactly how this space can be used and maintained to deliver on four main objectives:

  • Enhance biodiversity and natural capital,
  • Community engagement and education,
  • Natural sciences research opportunities, and,
  • Carbon sequestration and storage



We are keen to understand what the local community think this land should be used for to inform the detailed design process between now and the end of summer 2023. Please use the feedback form at the link below to tell us your thoughts about the best use of this space.

The consultation period has now ended and we are in the process of considering all the responses which will feed into the design stage. Please send any additional comments or questions to sustainability@exeter.ac.uk 

We are holding an in-person exhibition on Tuesday 16 May 2023 in the Innovation Centre Café between 15:30 and 19:00. Please find a campus map here and feel free to drop by, chat to us, and give your feedback to feed into our plans.