Clydesdale Court



Clydesdale Court
Clydesdale Avenue
Exeter EX4 4QX

01392 722349

Clydesdale Court key facts

The 16 flats at Clydesdale Court are suitable for students with partners or families

We have four one-bedroom flats: double bedroom, lounge, kitchen/dining room, bathroom. Eight two-bedroom flats: double bedroom, small single bedroom, lounge/dining room, kitchen, bathroom. And four three-bedroom flats: double bedroom, twin bedroom, single bedroom, large lounge/dining room, kitchen, bathroom. The flats have a mixture of double beds (four feet six inches wide) and single beds (three feet wide).

  • Undergraduates and postgraduates
  • 51 week contract
  • Nine minute walk to centre of Streatham campus
  • Wifi
  • Washing machine available in each flat
  • Launderette - drying facilities are located nearby
  • Limited parking

Accessibility information is available on the AccessAble website. 

Please see our Clydesdale court 2021/2for an itemised list about what is provided within each individual flat (updated July 2020). Please note that cots are not provided.

Please see our Flickr gallery for images of our Clydesdale Court flats.

The Owlets Nursery is available on the Streatham Campus and takes children from three months to five years of age. It is open for 50 weeks of the year (closed over Christmas) from 8am - 6pm.

The University is proposing to build the new West Park Student Residences in this area. Once the plans are confirmed the construction work is expected to start in Summer 2023. This will mean that Clydesdale Court will be unavailable to new students in the 2023/24 Academic year.

To find out more about the West Park project, please visit: West Park Project | Capital Strategy | University of Exeter


The prices below are the contract length total per room.
SC Clydesdale Court Flat - 3 bed £13,303.72 £13,624.12 51
SC Clydesdale Court Flat - 2 bed £11,904.64 £12,189.44 51
SC Clydesdale Court Flat - 1 bed £9,814.92 £10,049.88 51



Flat sizes

One bedroom flats at Clydesdale Court are approximately 47.3m2 (6880mm x 6870mm).

Two bedroom flats at Clydesdale Court are approximately 55.5m2 (7440mm x 7460mm).

Three bedroom flats at Clydesdale Court are approximately 89.7m2 (1107mm x 8100mm).

These measurements are a guide only. In some residences flat sizes vary considerably

Images of Clydesdale Court

To see more images of this residence, please view our Flickr gallery. Please note that flat styles may vary.

Each flat has a maximum number of occupants as shown in the contract, and to comply with UK legislation the number of occupants for each flat is defined as:

Flat sizeBedroom 1 (double bed)Other occupant in Bedroom 1Bedroom 2Bedroom 3
1 bedroom 1 or 2 adults 1 - Up to 1 year old child N/A N/A
2 bedroom 1 or 2 adults 1 - Up to 1 year old child 1 child aged under 10 N/A
3 bedroom 1 or 2 adults 1 - Up to 1 year old child 1 person or 2 children aged under 10 1 person

Please note:

  • At least one of the residents must be a registered student
  • At least one of the residents must be aged over 18
  • Each child aged 10 and over must have their own room
  • Two children can share bedroom 2 if they are under 10 years old (3 bedroom flat only)

The contract will be between a registered student and the University and will not name the other occupants. For this reason, we will be unable to provide proof of residency for members of the family and so they will need an alternative source of identification for official forms e.g. to open a bank account.

Self catered accommodation at the University of Exeter

For me it was very important to have the availability of accommodation for families because I am here with my husband. I really appreciate that the University has special accommodation to satisfy this need.

Clydesdale Court resident