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Filming with drones

The recreational use of drones on all University sites is prohibited.

For commercial use including aerial filming and inspection work – for example, marketing (aerial photography), surveys (building roofs, tall chimneys) - and research activities (including land and water surveys in Geography projects), there is a strict process to follow to ensure regulatory, safety and privacy requirements are adhered to. Required permissions must be in place before colleagues or students construct and/or operate drones, or engage a third party to do so.

Commissioning third party companies

When commissioning a third party to operate a drone on behalf of the University, you MUST confirm the pilot has the appropriate CAA permissions, insurances and experience. These documents must be supplied to Julia Gardner-Quant, Health and Safety Officer, along with a permit request form. You must have a permit to undertake any drone work on our campuses.

Required documents:

Where aerial work is around or above buildings / property of other University users, it is your responsibility to inform the relevant college or building of the work, and ensure that there are measures in place to avoid disruption.

Your responsibilities:

It is your responsibility to be aware of the rules that are in place to keep everyone safe.

If you intend to operate a drone on our campuses, you MUST ensure you have the relevant permissions and a University permit to fly.

You must follow the Drone Code throughout operation.

If you intend to fly a drone or commission a third party to undertake drone filming on our campuses, YOU MUST complete the permit request form.

If you have any questions about the use of drones, please contact Julia Gardner-Quant, Health and Safety Officer -

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