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To set up the Softphone you will need to contact Exeter IT

Instructions for use

Softphone Client

We have a limited stock of softphone licenses - do raise a call with HelpDesk to see about obaining one, you will need an existing extension number to use this facility.

‌Using a Softphone

The Softphone 2050 for Windows PC transforms your PC into a full-featured phone which can now offer real-time, feature-rich voice communications. The Softphone 2050 can be used as a primary or supplemental desktop Phone whether in the office or at home.

Home users connect to the University via a VPN connection. They then load the Softphone software and plug an approved headset into the PC's USB port to start communicating.

To set this up you will need to contact the Exeter IT Service Desk.

Instructions for using the Soft phone 

 Click this link for instructions: How to use the SoftPhone


Nortel / Avaya 2050pc IP Soft Phone for Windows PC

IP Soft Telephone operating on your Windows PC / Laptop. Capable of working from work or home via VPN.

Requires USB Headset (see below). For more information contact the Exeter IT Service Desk.





Not suitable for Mac computers