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PowWoNow mobile apps

Schedule conferences, set automatic call alerts plus store your details so joining calls is only ever one touch away.


Conference calls using your phone handset

It is possible to use your Nortel/Avaya handset to make conference calls to up to a mixture of 6 internal or external numbers.

Making a conference call

  • Call the first person to be in your conference call.
  • Once connected to them explain you are about to add the second participant.
  • Duringa the call, press Conf (soft key). This places the current call on hold and opens a new line.
  • Place call to another party.
  • When the call connects, press Conf (soft key) again. This add the 2nd person to your existing call.
  • This can be repeated for up to six concurrent callers.

Conference Call using POWWOWNOW Conference Bridge

POWWOWNOW are an external company that provide a conference call facility. A conference call enables you the organiser to email a number and a pin so each participant can dial into your conference call. This account can be used whilst you remain employed at the University.

Setting up an account for this has no charge. The telecoms team will set this up for you.