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eduroam connection instructions
If you need help

If you need help, please contact Exeter IT

eduroam at the University of Exeter


eduroam is a wireless network service provided by janet which enables users at participating organisations to access the wireless at other institutions using their home institution's credentials.

View participating organisations.

More information on the eduroam service can be found at

Information for University of Exeter users

The best way to set up your device to connect to eduroam is by using the eduroam Configuration Assistance Tool.

If you have previously used any other format of credentials to log in you will need to remove and re-add the eduroam network into your computer settings. Otherwise you will experience problems connecting to eduroam.

Changing the eduroam Username on your device pdf

University of Exeter users must be aware of the obligation to obey the policies of janet, The University of Exeter and the organisation you are visiting.

eduroam login

Your eduroam username is your University of Exeter email address.

You will need to login using your e-mail address. For example if your e-mail address is then use this as your user name. If in any doubt please read this locating e-mail address (pdf).

Information for University of Exeter visitors

  • Visitors who wish to use the eduroam wireless service at University of Exeter must obey the eduroam(UK) policy.
  • Visitors must agree to follow the University of Exeter acceptable use policy.