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 Sarah Ashton

Sarah Ashton

Environment & Sustainability Institute Manager and Research Development Manager

 01326 253756

 Environment and Sustainability Institute 


Environment and Sustainability Institute, University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9FE, UK


Sarah is a member of the University's Research Services team.  As Institute Manger, she provides wide ranging support to the ESI Director and academic community to develop and coordinate research activities within the ESI. 

Sarah has worked at the University since 2007 within the IIB team (previously Research & Knowledge Transfer) and the College of Life & Environmental Sciences as a Research Manager. Prior to joining the University as a member of staff, Sarah studied her MSc within the Biosciences department.


MSc Biodiversity and Conservation, University of Exeter

BSc Oceanography with Marine Biology, University of Southampton

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Office Hours:

Mon (08.15-15.00) /Tues (08.45-15.00)/Weds (9.00-14.15)/

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