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What is Pathways to Marketing?

Pathways to Marketing provides the opportunity for students to explore the varied range of career paths within the marketing sector. Students from across all disciplines will find they have the skills and attributes that are required for a successful career in marketing, ranging from the economic, technical, creative and customer-facing aspects of the sector. We are subjected to marketing in everyday life, and all businesses and sectors incorporate some elements of marketing making this Pathway programme an ideal entry to numerous career options.

The Pathways to Marketing programme will once again be taking place in 2024. Successful students will take part in four days of training, followed by an internship in a marketing and communications related role. The programme is open to all students from all campuses, however please see full eligibility criteria under the 'Am I eligible' heading below.

The interactive programme comprises of 3 key elements:

  • Employer-led training - 4 days of technical and employability training delivered by sector professionals (17 - 20 June 2024)
  • Group project - During the training you will work in small groups on a business challenge before presenting back on the final day
  • Paid internshipYou will be assigned an organisation where you will undertake a 35 hour paid internship (full-time or part-time between 24 June - 5 July 2024) 

"The Pathways to Marketing programme was really helpful in kickstarting my marketing career and I learnt a lot from it. It helped me to develop a lot of new skills and I would highly recommend it!" (Laura, LLB Law with European Study)

If you are an employer and interested in getting involved in the Pathways to Marketing programme, please visit the employer-facing webpage here.

  • Gain an insight into different roles in the marketing sector
  • Increase knowledge of sector specific activities
  • Be inspired by experienced professionals
  • Gain confidence in your abilities
  • Develop your career plan
  • Culminates in an essential work experience, undertaking a paid internship 
  • This activity counts towards the Exeter Award
  • Receive a certificate

We welcome applications from all disciplines and levels of study from first year to final year, undergraduate or postgraduate as long as you can demonstrate a keen interest in this subject area. However, please see full eligibility criteria below: 

Student status

  • You must be a current University of Exeter student when you apply for and take part in the programme in June/July 2024 (please note, students graduating in Summer 2024 are eligible to apply).
  • Even if the internship is remote working, you must be physically based in the UK to undertake the role.*
  • Students from any campus can apply for this pathway.
  • If you have previously completed the Pathways to Marketing programme, please note you are not eligible to apply again. However you are welcome to apply for a different Pathway. 
  • If you are an interrupted student, you will not have current student status and are therefore ineligible to apply for Professional Pathways.
  • If you are a full-time Postgraduate student, you are limited to working a maximum of 6 hours per week, however if you are able to gain supervisor approval to complete both the training and the 35 hour internship, you will be able to undertake the Pathways programme. You will need to seek approval if you are successful at the assessment centre stage.
  • If you are a part-time Postgraduate student, you are limited to working a maximum of 18.25 hours per week, so would need to split your 35 hours across two weeks, unless you get supervisor approval to work full-time (35 hours) in one week. You will need to seek approval if you are successful at the assessment centre stage.

Right to Work (RTW)

  • You must have the right to work in the UK at the point the Professional Pathways programme commences in June 2024 and this must cover both the training and the internship taking place into July 2024. 
  • In order to expedite the right to work checking process, you will be asked to provide your right to work evidence at the application stage. Please refer to the List of acceptable documents for right to work checks.
  • If you have been employed by the University within the last 12 months and provided your right to work evidence, this should still be up-to-date and you would not need to provide it again. You can declare this to us at the application stage.
  • For more information about Right to Work please see the eClaims webpages. 

International, EU and EEA students

  • You must have the right to work in the UK at the point the programme commences in June 2024 and this must cover both the training and the internship taking place into July 2024. Depending on your visa restrictions, if you are successful onto the programme, we will try to match you with an employer that will accommodate part-time hours across two weeks, if needed.

*Please refer to the university's webpage here for further information on the university's position on remote/homeworking outside the UK.

If you would be interested in taking part in Professional Pathways next year, you can register your interest here. Please note, the training and internships will take place in June and July 2024 and you would need to be a current student at this point to be eligible to apply. Applications will open late 2023.

The successfully selected students will attend a four day training programme, delivered by industry experts between 17 - 20 June 2024. The training will take place on our Streatham campus in Exeter. You would be expected to attend all sessions for your Pathway programme.

The training will equip you with vital industry knowledge, sector specific information, support to improve your employability and an opportunity to ask the experts any questions and hone your networking skills. You will also attend a session providing preparatory support to help you make the most out of your paid internship.


When applying, please think carefully about your accommodation situation during the training dates and the internship period. If successful in gaining a place on the programme, you will need to be in commutable distance to the Streatham campus in Exeter to attend all the training days. For successful Cornwall campus students only, we will look to secure and fund accommodation in Exeter from Sunday to Thursday morning to cover the training dates. We will also provide a contribution of up to £75 towards travel expenses to and from Cornwall to Exeter for the training.

If you are on a year-abroad, year-in-industry, first year student with an accommodation contract ending prior to the training dates, or a student who will not have accommodation for any other reason during the training period, it will be your responsibility to arrange this. Please note, you may be able to apply for up to a £200 bursary from the university to support any accommodation costs.

Training schedule: 

Please see below the training schedule from our 2022 Pathways to Marketing programme. While the training schedule is subject to changes each year, it is likely many of these topics will once again be covered in sessions:

Training session topic: Organisation delivering training:
Marketing Planning and Strategy Underwaterpistol
Understanding Consumer Behaviour JD Marketing Consultancy
Market Research & Analysis University of Exeter Market Research Team
Digital Marketing Bigwave Marketing

How to build a competitive brand in today's world

JD Marketing Consultancy
PR and Marketing One Voice Media 
Exeter Grad to Business Owner Optix Solutions
Online Events and Video Marketing Bitpod
B2B Marketing Program Agency
Insights I wish I could have shared with my younger marketing self Wall to Wall Sunshine

Group Project

In addition to the sessions, the training will include experiential learning and group work projects set by industry professionals. This will give you the opportunity to work in small groups on a real life business challenge and put the content covered in the training sessions, into practice. You will be allocated time at the end of each training day to work on this. On the fourth and final day of training, each group will present their findings in front of a panel to receive feedback.

Watch the video below from our 2022 Professional Pathways training days:

If selected onto the programme, you will undertake a paid 35 hour internship in a marketing related role within an organisation. These internships will be either part-time or full-time roles and take place between 24 June - 5 July 2024, after your training has been completed. During your internship, you may be asked to work on a specific project, undertake a particular piece of work or carry out a range of tasks that will enable you to gain an insight into how the company and sector operate. 

Once selected, a range of internship projects will be sent to you and you will be required to identify which roles you are most interested in. The internship opportunities on offer via the programme will be a mix of in the workplace, remote-working and hybrid roles. For internships undertaken in the workplace, you will need to arrange and fund your accommodation and travel expenses, however our aim will be to secure a number of opportunities local to the Exeter and Penryn campuses. For remote-working roles, you must be based in the UK for the duration of the internship due to tax regulations.

A matching process will be completed in late May based on your application form and identified preferences. No guarantee can be made that you will be matched to your top preferences. You will be expected to make contact with your internship host prior to starting your internship. Full guidance will be given on this at the relevant time. 

The salary of £12.33 per hour (includes £11.00 basic hourly rate + £1.33 holiday pay) for this 35 hour internship will be paid by the University of Exeter. 

Past internship hosts and roles in 2021 and 2022 included:

Reef & Rainforest Tours Marketing and Social Media Assistant

Boost Business Assistance Digital Marketing Assistant

Oh So Social - Community Executive

Smarti Environmental - Market Researcher

Packed Kitchen - Digital Marketing Coordinator

The Charles Causley Trust - Marketing and Event Support Intern

Content Drive Digital Marketing Assistant

Underwaterpistol - Data Analyst Intern

QWERTY Beer Box - Marketing Extraordinaire

Optix Solutions - Digital Marketing Intern

Ignite Marketing - Marketing Assistant

RSPCA Cornwall - Marketing Assistant

University of Exeter Environment and Climate Emergency Marketing Assistant

Salt Media Marketing Coordinator

AvatarJo - Marketing Intern

Exige International Market Research Assistant (Climate Change)

One Voice Media – PR and Marketing Intern

The Virtual Tour Experts - Digital Executive - Marketing Assistant

Mayes Creative - Marketing and Communications Assistant

Tamar HR - Marketing Assistant

Two Drifters Distillery Marketing Intern

Chartered Developments - Marketing Project Coordinator 

Applied Inspiration Marketing and Communications Assistant

We recognise that with rising costs, the cost of living is very high, and we are therefore looking to try and support students where we can. For those students that meet Widening Participation (WP) criteria and are successful in gaining a place on the programme, you may be eligible to apply for up to a £100 travel bursary to support costs related to your Professional Pathways internship. You will need to have been matched to an internship involving some time spent in the workplace (fully workplace based or hybrid working). Please note, we will have limited funding available and where students are eligible, more information will be provided following the internship matching stage.

If you wish to check your WP eligibility, you can visit the Widening Participation (WP) funding page for full criteria and details, or contact us at if you have any questions. 

For students who have gained a place on the programme, we have put together the following guide on Making the Most of Your Internship. We would recommend reading this prior to starting your Pathways internship to be fully prepared. The guide includes useful information on points to action before your first day, things to consider while in the role and what to do when your internship finishes.

If you would like to see where your fellow students have undertaken their Professional Pathways internship and read about their experiences on the programme, you can take a look at their blog posts here, by selecting the various Pathway programmes under the 'By Internship Scheme' drop-down menu at the top. 

Quotes from former Pathways to Marketing students: 

"After completing the Professional Pathways programme I feel more prepared to enter the workplace. I would highly recommend the programme to all students!"

"I couldn't recommend the programme more - it makes the process of finding and securing internships so much easier and less daunting. The experience is invaluable and you are always supported by the Pathways team along the way."

"If you are considering applying to the Pathways programme, my advice would be to do so because you have nothing to lose! You learn about a new sector, gain work experience, and increase your professional network, (plus it's really fun!) It's been one of the best experiences for me throughout my time at Exeter."

"My Pathway internship experience was extremely beneficial and taught me a lot about the Marketing industry. My host company was very helpful and both supported me when I needed it and let me use my own initiative and creativity on tasks. I would definitely recommend the programme to anyone, whether you know what you want to do after university or not."

"I loved every minute of my Professional Pathways internship- it taught me so much about the world of marketing and I am excited to take this experience with me into my future career!"

"My Pathway internship experience was an amazing opportunity. It gave me excellent insight into the marketing industry, challenged me to apply my skills in the workplace, and ultimately landed me a job! Cannot recommend enough- absolutely worth doing."

"I don't think I truly understood what 'marketing' was before being a part of Pathways to Marketing. Not only do I have a clear understanding of what a career in marketing would look like, I am incredibly confident that this is something I want to pursue."

"The Pathways to Marketing programme was really helpful in kickstarting my marketing career and I learnt a lot from it. It helped me to develop a lot of new skills and I would highly recommend it!"

"My internship made me realise that I want to pursue a career in marketing! It was an invaluable opportunity to develop vital employability skills, gain an insight into marketing and increase my confidence."

"The Marketing Pathways internship gave me a valuable insight into the sector, in which I was given exciting tasks that challenged my creativity and communication skills."

"It has been an invaluable experience that has given me the tools and confidence to apply to other roles within the Marketing and PR sector."

"The internship gave me that little bit of extra experience I needed to feel comfortable in being ambitious for my future job applications."

"The remote internship I undertook through Professional Pathways gave me insight into the marketing sector I couldn’t have dreamed of during a global pandemic, and has filled me with confidence in future career prospects in light of its success."

"I had a great week with my host company and learned so many new skills that I’m sure will benefit me in the future. The team were extremely welcoming and despite it being a remote internship, I was always supported via regular video meetings throughout the week. I am really grateful for this experience and I think the Pathways to Marketing Programme is a fantastic opportunity for students at Exeter."

"My Professional Pathways internship has left me feeling very confident in the next steps of my career. My experience has developed my understanding of the marketing sector and has led me to meet other likeminded individuals. Although I was working, I enjoyed what I was doing - I felt like I was learning and gaining experience all whilst having fun!"

"The Pathways programme is great because you're earning whilst learning new skills which greatly enhance your employability."


If you would like to ask any questions, please contact the Pathways team at: