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Reviewing Your HEAR

Prior to graduation you have the opportunity to view the extracurricular/co-curricular achievements recorded for you and request a correction, a removal or an addition. This will be done via an online tool. This is available from 22 May to 11 June for those completing studies in 2023. All relevant students will be emailed during week commencing 22 May.

To review your HEAR, log into iExeter, click the Student Record System button and, once in SRS, click on the Review your HEAR Additional Achievements/Activities link in the red 'HEAR – Higher Education Achievement Report' container. If you don't make any changes, your HEAR will be published in its entirety.

Access the Student Record System via iExeter

Please use this tool to report any amendments to your achievement details. If you feel there is an achievement missing, please first consult the approved list of HEAR achievements to check that your achievement is included on the University's HEAR. This is in the Additional Achievements and Activities tab. Only activities listed can be included in the HEAR. If it is an approved achievement and is missing then you can use the online tool to report it and that will generate an email to the activity organiser. The following list has information about some activities that are NOT included in the HEAR - Activities NOT included in the HEAR (this list is not comprehensive and includes activities that are commonly reported as missing but are not approved for inclusion in the HEAR).

The data in the review tool only shows eligible achievement completed and confirmed up to 1 May 2023. Eligible achievements completed after this date will not appear in the tool but will be included in the final HEAR as long as they are completed by the end of your course. For those completing studies in the summer this will usually be the end of the Summer term. 

If you want informaton about how to use the online tool, click here for the HEAR Review Tool Guide for Students

Once you have submitted any requests for additions or corrections the relevant activity organiser will contact you where there may be a reason that the change cannot be made, for example you request an achievement that is not recognised. There are a number of activity organisers with different processes and some may contact you to confirm the change will be made while others may not. In general, if you do not hear anything it usually means that your request has been accepted and will be included in your HEAR. After you have been awarded your degree you will be emailed when your finalised HEAR is available to access. This will usually be in the week before graduation in July or December, depending when your degree is awarded.  

Please note this is a one-off opportunity to review your HEAR — you can only use this achievement review tool once and it will only be available until midnight on 11 June 2023. It is important to give some thought to what you wish to include, and in particular what you will be happy for employers to see about your extracurricular activities, now and in the future.

If you have any problems using the review tool or any questions, email

HEAR Review FAQs

The list of approved achievements that are automatically recorded in the University of Exeter HEAR can be viewed in the Additional Achievements and Activities tab on this page.

Please check this list before reporting the absence of an achievement on your HEAR. Achievements that do not appear on this list cannot be added to your HEAR.

If you are a taught postgraduate who previously undertook undergraduate studies at Exeter, please note that achievements included in your (postgraduate) HEAR will only correspond to your time as a postgraduate student at the University of Exeter.

The HEAR will feature significant achievements and positions of responsibility held whilst at University, that the University can verify. However, it will not itemise training undertaken as part of, or preparation for, these achievements.

For example, whilst the Exeter Award will feature on the HEAR, individual components such as employability sessions attended will not. Similarly, whilst positions of responsibility held via the Student Guild/SU/AU (e.g. positions on committees) will appear on the HEAR, training attended to help you fulfil those roles will not.

If you have attended a course at the University that is run by an external organisation and externally accredited (eg First Aid, Sports Coaching qualifications etc), this also will not feature on the HEAR. You are of course encouraged to include key information like this in the education/qualification section of your CV and job applications.

HEAR achievements are recorded by academic year. In some cases the same entry may be recorded for two academic years for example Guild committee positions usually run from Easter to Easter and will be recorded in both academic years in which the position was held.