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Subject Activity Strands for 2023-24

Subject Activity Strands 2023-25

Participation in the Year 12 south west pathway of the Exeter Scholars programme will give you the opportunity to develop knowledge of what it is like to study a subject of your choice at university level. You can choose from the 20 different subject activity strands listed below, and gain access to both academics and current students from your subject area of interest. 

Each subject activity strand will consists of a set number of subject activity sessions that are delivered between January and October 2024. Each subject activity strand has a minimum time commitment, which you will be required to meet in order to successfully pass the programme; this minimum time commitment amounts to approximately 18 to 20 hours throughout the year. The majority of the subject activity sessions will take place at one or more of our university campuses, with some subject activity strands including field trips. Exact dates, locations, and session formats will vary from subject to subject, but will be confirmed for you if your application is successful. Full travel costs for each subject activity session will be refunded to you through our travel bursary procedure. 

The activity for each subject activity strand have been put together to support all Exeter Scholars participants in realising their potential to excel in higher education and achieving their long-term goals. 

Subject Activity Strands: Content and Dates

All successful applicants will be assigned to an Exeter Scholars subject activity strand.

IMPORTANT: We aim to place participants on their first choice of subject activity strand, but due to demand and availability we are not always able to do so. In this case, we will place participants on their second choice of subject activity strand. Please do try to choose a subject for your second choice that you would be just as happy to study as part of the Exeter Scholars programme. 

IMPORTANT: Subject activity strands take place in either Exeter (Devon) or Penryn/Truro (Cornwall). If you would find it difficult to travel to either of those locations, please pay close attention to the primary location of both of your chosen subject activity strands. If you are placed on a subject activity strand that you are not able to travel to because you did not check this beforehand, we will not be able to swap you to another subject activity strand. 

Select your subject of interest from the list below to find further details about the content, dates, times, and locations for each subject activity strand: 

If you are not sure which subject you want to study in the future, then pick the subject activity strand that sounds the most exciting to you! You will still get all of the benefits of the Exeter Scholars programme, including the alternative offer, regardless of which subject activity strand you complete and even if you decide to apply to study a different subject at university.