Global Education Program Scholarship

About the award

GEP is aimed at providing financial support for Russian citizens admitted to leading foreign higher educational institutions and at developing human resource potential through education of prospective employees in science, engineering, medicine, education and management in social sphere. Besides tuition fees, the Program grant covers travel expenses to and from the student’s place of residence to the university, medical insurance, accommodation, meals and academic literature. Grant is given for the whole duration of the studies. Total expenditure for one year of study cannot exceed 2 763 600 Russian rubles. Program participants are expected to return to Russia upon completion of their studies and to obtain employment in accordance with the qualification gained for a period of at least 3 years.

How to apply

Sign up and fill in the application form on the GEP website: Attach your scanned documents. Wait for the application approval by the Program Supervisory Board. Sign the Terms and Conditions of the scholarship. Receive funding to cover tuition fees and living costs.


Application deadline:5th November 2017
Value:Fully funded
Duration of award:Variable
Contact: International Student Recruitment office