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FashionForest Scholarship

About the award

Behind the FashionForest Scholarship is FashionForest, who also carries out the selection of scholarship recipients. 

The FashionForest scholarship is awarded yearly to one or more researchers, students and former students at Danish and foreign educational institutions who are in need of support for a theoretical or practical project in connection to an educational purpose.

Projects could for example be within the health sector or within the humanitarian or artistic sphere or combinations of several academic or practical segments or topics.  

Some research purposes and places of interest (e.g. Exeter) can be assigned significant weight in the process of selection but all current and former students who work with or plan to work with a project or dissertation or possibly a stay abroad are encouraged to apply.  

The FashionForest Scholarship offers:

• Financial support for research projects and studies
• Financial support for testing theories in practice
• Financial support for dissertations
• Have eventual research results shared widely
• 10.000 DKK (one-off lump sum payment)

FashionForest Scholarhsip website:

How to apply

The deadline for applications is 1 March 2019. All applications will be thoroughly assessed and the recipient of the FashionForest Scholarship will be notified directly on 1 August 2019.

You can either apply for the FashionForest Scholarship as one person or as a group. A good application should comprise:

• Full name
• Address
• Telephone number
• E-mail address
• Diplomas/Certificates
• Updated CV
• Cover letter where you make clear why you should be awarded the sSholarship which should contain eventual objectives and/or past special experiences and accomplishments.

Send the application along with all scanned documents to


Application deadline:1st March 2019
Number of awards:1
Value:10,000 DKK (approx. £1,175 GBP)
Duration of award:Not applicable
Contact: FashionForest