University of Exeter funding: Sports Scholarship and High Perform

Sports Scholarship and High Performance Programme

About the award

Sports Scholarships are tailored to the needs of the individual athlete but will include a cash sum for sporting expenses up to £2000 per year for exceptional athletes. A full package of support services and coaching equating to a cash equivalent of upwards of £3500 is also provided as part of each award.

We also encourage applications from students who achieved at national or regional level within their sport for consideration onto our High Performance Programme.

The Sports Scholarship Scheme is funded centrally by the University High Performance Programme. However, University alumni alongside several key performance partners, both local and national sponsors, also show great generosity by financing several individual scholarships.

Please note that Sports Scholarships can only be awarded to those students who have gained the offer of a place or normal admission to a course based on their academic qualifications to the University of Exeter. You will be asked for your University of Exeter student number upon application. If you do not have a student number you are not eligible to apply. 

Further information

How to apply

Completed online application forms will be accepted from 31st October 2018 and need to be submitted initially by the 31st May 2019 for 2019/20 entry. Please click here to complete an online application form.

Late applications may be considered up to the end of May, following consultation with the University of Exeter Sport High Performance Unit in order to avoid disappointing any potential sports stars.

The Sports Scholarship Panel will then assess all applications and invite short listed athletes to formally apply for the second stage of the scheme's application process at the end of May. This will require a more detailed submission accompanied by 2 sports specific references. The panel will then meet again to decide upon recommendations for awards.

In most circumstances short-listed applicants will receive an invitation in mid July to attend a sports specific screening at the University during pre-season training in September. Following this, a final decision on awards will be made at the beginning of October. If successful with your application, you will be assigned a level of award and notified on what you will need to do next.

For further details on the scheme please contact:

High Performance Unit, University of Exeter, Sports Park, Stocker Road, Exeter EX4 4QN.


Application deadline:31st May 2019
Value:up to £2000 plus additional support services & coaching
Duration of award:per year
Contact: James Fleming