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Connecting to the internet in halls of residence - Glide

Glide provide high speed Internet access in halls of residences.  

This service allows wired and wireless internet access to students in halls of residence.

You need to create an account first, click on My Account and then "Create Account". You can make up your own username and password to register, you don't need to use your university login details for this.



To connect via WiFi you will need to search for the local WiFi networks. The WiFi access point will be called either  Glide, Glide-5 or Glide_2.4. Watch the Glide YouTube video for step-by-step instructions.


To connect via the wired service, plug one end of your Ethernet cable into the socket on the wall in your room and plug the other into the Ethernet adaptor on your PC. When the cable is securely fitted it will “click” into place. You must open your internet browser on your desktop and then you can browse the internet at your leisure.


If you have any difficulties connecting, please contact Glide's Service Desk who will be happy to help you:

WiFi on campus

To locate information for campus WiFi click here.