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Contact the Exeter IT Service Desk to request any changes to the telephone directory.

Directory changes

Directory changes can include:

  • Changes to College, School or Department
  • Changes to cost code
  • Changes to staff name or extension number
  • Cancelation of telephone lines / numbers
  • When requesting a telephone directory change please include the following information along with a brief description of the change. Incomplete requests may be rejected. So if in doubt, contact SID.

What do you want to happen? (Please specify one item only)

  1. Amend existing information
  2. Add to existing information (If an addition, please specify Department Cost Code: 1-PA-)
  3. Delete existing information

What type of phone do you have? (Please specify one item only)

  1. VOIP
  2. Analogue Streatham
  3. Analogue St Lukes:

Your details (The details you send us will be the ones that will appear in the phone directory.

  • Title (Mr, Mrs, Dr, Prof etc):
  • First Name:
  • Last Name:
  • Position/ Job Title:
  • Extension number :
  • University Employee number:
  • School or Service:
  • Sub department:
  • Building/Location:
  • Room Number:
  • Contact Mobile:
  • Other contact number: