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EndNote is a bibliographic package that makes it easier to compile, manage and output information about reference sources. EndNote works as a database in which you can compile your own list(s) of reference materials, either by typing in the details of references individually or by downloading the results of searching online library catalogues. EndNote works in conjunction with Microsoft Word and includes a ‘Cite while you Write’ feature that can add references to your database automatically as you enter them in a Word document.

Once references have been entered in your EndNote database, they can be retrieved and incorporated in your documents in many different ways. EndNote includes templates for the standard academic style guides and the reference styles preferred by over 1,300 academic journals, making it very easy to create lists of works cited and bibliographies in correct and consistent formats.

User Guidance

See EndNote and Reference Manager guidance information.


EndNote is covered by the University’s EndNote Site Licence, which allows installation on any University-owned PC at no further charge per copy. Academic Services covers the cost of this licence centrally.

Endnote is also available for Staff and Student use on Home computers.  You can download Endnote through the Home Software Hub