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About the software

Minitab is a comprehensive statistical and graphical package for analysing numerical data.

Data is entered in a Minitab Worksheet in a row-and-column format. Minitab’s screen display shows different windows for the data you are working on, the tools and procedures you are using, different stages of your overall project and the menu and toolbar system. A set of Experiment Design tools helps you to plan how to investigate your data and explore the effects of different input variables on your results.

Minitab has a large range of built-in statistical functions for setting up complex analyses on datasets. There are also graphing options that allow you to create clear and attractive visual analyses of your datasets. Minitab can import data from some other software packages, including Microsoft Excel.

Although Minitab includes a full Help system including a ‘StatGuide’ feature explaining statistical functions, an understanding of statistics and how to interpret statistical results is essential for successful use.


Minitab is covered by the University’s Minitab for Windows licence, which allows installation on any University-owned PC. There is an annual charge per copy, which is invoiced to Colleges by Academic Services, to cover the high cost of the licence. The licence does not allow staff or students to use Minitab on a privately-owned PC, but students (only) can purchase copies for personal use from the Academic Services Software Office at a discount compared to the retail price.

To find out more, please contact the Contact us in the first instance. A support call will be logged for you and your enquiry will be assigned to an appropriate advisor.