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About the software

NVivo is a leading qualitative analysis software package, used for analysing large bodies of mainly text-based data. NVivo is capable of handling freely edited and coded rich text records. It allows for qualitative research and inquiry beyond coding and retrieval and was designed to integrate data coding with qualitative linking, shaping and modelling.

The package allows you to choose the ways of linking data and ideas that suit your research methods, and embed links to external data or internal documents or concepts. Ideas can be stored in annotations and rich text memos that can be coded, linked and searched, and ideas and information can be organised in tables that can be imported from or exported to statistical packages. Your research findings can be visualised in a multi-layer graphical modelling feature.

NVIVO for Mac

Users who are familiar with NVivo for Windows should be aware that NVivo for Mac doesn’t contain all the same features as NVivo for Windows. For a comparision between NVivo for Mac and Nvivo for Windows, please check the QSR website.

NVivo projects can be transferred between NVivo for Windows and Mac. NVivo for Windows and NVivo for Mac projects have different project file formats, but can be converted from one to the other using the free update NVivo for Windows Service Pack 5:


Staff: NVivo is covered by the University’s NVivo site licence, which allows installation on any University-owned PC through the Software Centre. For non-University owned PCs, this can be downloaded from the Exeter IT - Home Software Hub

Students: The Licence Agreement we have for Nvivo permits us to loan a copy of the software for installation on your personally-owned PC for the duration of your course. Copies can be downloaded from the Exeter IT - Home Software Hub

Resources to get you up and running

For useful resources to help users get up and running with NVivo for Windows and NVivo for Mac including tutorials, online help, eWorkshops and training, visit