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PaintShop Pro

About the software

PaintShop Pro is a graphics program for creating, editing and retouching images.

PaintShop Pro is one of the leading programs for creating and manipulating images, and includes many useful tools for common operations like cropping, resizing and reorienting. There are specific tools for retouching digital photographs, including easy-to-use techniques for correcting common flaws like ‘red eye’, over- or under-exposure and incorrect perspective.

Numerous effect tools are provided for refinishing images, for example to make photographs appear as though painted. Text and other graphics can be added to images to create sophisticated composite effects. Images created or modified in PaintShop Pro can be exported to a range of different applications for publishing.


Individual licences for PaintShop Pro for installation on University-owned computers can be purchased through Exeter IT.

The licence does not allow staff or students to use PaintShop Pro on a privately-owned PC.

To order raise an IT Service Desk Request via