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Primary Use:

Assistive Literacy Software


Read&Write literacy software makes the web, documents and files more accessible - any time, any place, and on any platform or device. It's great for people with dyslexia and other learning difficulties, or anyone whose first language isn't English.

From reading on-screen text aloud to researching and checking written work, Read&Write makes lots of everyday tasks easier. It’s a big confidence booster for anyone who needs a little extra help with their reading and writing, at school or in the workplace.


University-owned computers: Covered by Site Licence. To request that it is installed, please contact IT Service Desk and confirm your Computer name. To find out your computer name, press the 'Windows-Flag' and the 'Pause/Break' key together and the Computer name is listed around halfway down the page.

Privately-owned computers for University staff or PG-research staff: Sorry – not available from the University
Privately-owned computers for undergraduates: - Sorry – not available from the University