LearnUpon: Before you start...

11.07.2022 - Please note that there is currently a 24 hour delay from your start date for Learn Upon accounts to be activated. This is currently being investigated by IT and we apologise for the delay and any inconvenience this may cause.


Completing and Saving your training 

When you have finished a module you must "complete" it using the "Save and exit" button in the top right-hand corner of the module window (see image). If you do not click on this button your progress will not be recorded.  You can also use this button to save your progress as you work through a module.

Save and Exit Icon for LearnUpon Guide




Your LearnUpon Dashboard 

Your dashboard shows you all the online modules for which you are enrolled. Not all the training you may need to complete will appear automatically on your dashboard; some you will need to self-enrol. 

Logging into your account

Use this link to Login to your LearnUpon account (this system is only available to colleagues with University of Exeter staff email accounts).

Where your training record can be viewed 

Your mandatory online training record is viewable from the MI Hub (select the HR section, choose “My Team Report” and then “Training”) which is accurate to within 24 hours. All other training will still appear in your Trent record.

Your LearnUpon dashboard will still show all your online learning. Your Trent record shows all your other training that has been completed.

Quick guide to logging in and enrolling

If you need to self-enrol on any modules or need help please refer to our quick guide to logging in and enrolling. To log in use your short user name (e.g. ab123@exeter.ac.uk).

All your questions answered

If you have any problems, issues or queries you can find answers and ways to get help in our comprehensive Frequently asked questions