Playful University Club

Playful Lab

Thursdays, from 5.30pm - Skydeck in the Innovation Centre (Streatham campus)

We would like to invite you to the start of Playful Lab, a weekly session that explores learning through the medium of play. It is an informal in-person open group formed from the wider Exeter community, students, and staff focused on the practice (learning through doing) of games (physical, cognitive, computer, etc.) storytelling, and hopefully a little magic.

No need to book - if you wish to receive our calendar invites please send us an email - this will help in the planning but please also feel free to just show up and join in.

Car parking is free and open from 17:30, closest car parks are at the Innovation Centre and Car park D. (Map details: 25 4I on this map).

The Playful Lab has been born out of our passion for learning that engages our imagination, fuels our curiosity, and encourages our creative confidence. It builds on Maarten Koeners' project the Playful University Club, a very successful education incubator project, and Adam Lusby's journey of creating education that is divergent rather than convergent. Each week we will all introduce new games and practice new sessions of play, share challenges of participant engagement, and co-create a session for the following week.

If this is a YES! for you - please email Maarten Koeners:

We look forward to welcoming you up at the Skydeck.

Later in the year we hope to restart our regular Playful University games mornings and monthly events with a guest speaker.

Maarten and Adam