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Annual Research Student Monitoring and Progression

Each year you will be assessed to make sure you are progressing with your research satisfactorily. The College will send you a form in April/May which must be completed and returned by the due date. Your comments on this form, together with the comments received from you supervisor on a similar form will be considered by a College panel to assess your progression for the next academic year.

Please refer to the Code of Practice: Annual Research Student Monitoring

If you are currently registered for an MPhil or MbyRes the College will also assess, via an upgrade meeting, whether you can upgrade to an MPhil or PhD. This is done independently to annual progression and can be held at any time during the year. For further information see Upgrade details

It is important to maintain regular contact with your supervisor and the College so that you can make them aware of any problems you encounter during the year and they can be taken into account when making decisions.