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Presentation of Thesis/Dissertation

Before you submit your thesis/dissertation for examination you must ensure that it is correctly formatted and bound in accordance with our Statement of Procedures:

Presentation of Theses/Dissertations for the Degrees of MPhil/PhD/EdD/DEdPsy/DClinPsy/MbyRes: Statement of Procedures

Please read the document carefully as it sets out the format that should be used for the content of your work including the sequencing of your contents, page numbering, margins etc. If you have any questions about the correct format to be used for your Bibliography and references please contact your Supervisor.

When you submit your thesis/dissertation for examination please remember to include a correctly worded title page as the first page of your thesis and sign each copy before submission.

Alternative Form of Submission

Changes to the guidance on the presentation of theses have been made resulting in a re-definition of what we mean by the term ‘thesis’ which reflects the wide variety of ways in which research is carried out and assessed.

This allows, for example, for the production of a thesis in an alternative format, which may include either:

(a) the presentation of part or all of the thesis in an alternative format e.g. it may be a multimedia document (e.g. an element or the thesis in its entirety, which is presented in a format appropriate perhaps for presentation at a conference)

(b) A constructed text such as a piece of art, or a record of professional practice in the form of a series of case-studies, which must be accompanied by a commentary

For further information please see the ‘Presentation of Theses/Dissertations for Degrees in the Faculty of Graduate Research: Statement of Procedures’.

How do I apply to submit my thesis in an alternative format?

  1. Review the guidance in section 3 of the ‘Presentation of Theses/Dissertations for Degrees in the Faculty of Graduate Research: Statement of Procedures’;
  2. If you consider that you have a proposal which meets the relevant criteria you should first discuss this with your supervisor, if your supervisor considers that you proposal is appropriate they will direct you to complete a Change to Format of Submission form in consultation with them;
  3. This form will then be considered by the Dean of your College, and if they consider it is an appropriate proposal, you will be given permission to submit your thesis in line with the format of thesis and guidelines for submission laid out on your Change to Format of Submission form;
  4. You will then need to refer back to this paperwork in order to ensure that you submit your thesis according to the agreed format: as such you should append a copy to your MyPGR documents list; you will also need to attach a copy of your approved ‘format of submission’ form to your submission paperwork.

Please note that any proposals to change the format of your thesis must be made as early as possible in your period of study.

Further guidance for staff may be found here.