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Other Rules and Regulations for Studying

This page, contains links to other rules and regulations on how the University carries out its assessment and examination of taught programmes of study.

Assessment of student with disability or injury: procedures set out the University’s policy for the application of equitable arrangements for the assessment of those students with disabilities or injuries, both as good practice and to meet the requirements of national legislation. It provides:

  • definitions and guidelines for general arrangements
  • guidelines for more specific arrangements (such as additional time allowance in exams, alternative exam locations, assessment format, and use of amanuensis)
  • procedures for implementing specific assessment arrangements and
  • guidelines for monitoring specific assessment arrangements

Procedures for the setting and submission of assessment is mainly for staff, and provides the framework procedure for the setting and submission of assessments. It also includes guidelines for dealing with late submission of coursework.

Mitigation Committee guidelines inform how mitigation committees operate. They provide information on what to do if your performance in an assessment or exam has been affected by illness or other circumstances.

The Board of examiners for taught programmes of study: code of good practice informs each Board of Examiners. The duties of these Boards include:

  • directing the examinations leading to University of Exeter awards
  • the setting and marking of papers in their subject area(s)
  • making decisions relating to the marking and classification of awards

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