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Phone: +44 (0)1392 722523
Mobile: 07528 285879

Dr Adrian Bailey

Independent Churches' Associate Chaplain

Adrian is a senior lecturer in Management based in the University of Exeter Business School. Since 2013 he has convened the Business School Prayer Space to provide staff with a place and time for spiritual reflection.

Far from perfect, he confesses to being an incurable perfectionist and values being part of a community that regularly reminds him of the love and compassion of God. He is passionate about social justice and the inner transformations of character that are necessary to sustain a faithful witness to Jesus Christ.

In his teaching and research he explores business models that strive to embody practices such as redistribution of wealth, democratic governance and ecological sustainability – most notably co-operatives and social enterprises. He is a member of Belmont Chapel, a co-founder of the Belmont Eco-Church group, and a husband, dad, cyclist, vegetable grower, baker of bread, retired farmer and prolific tea drinker.